Birth Flowers – Sweet April Smell Of The Sweet pea


April Birth Flower.

If you have ever caught the smell of a Sweet pea on the wind then you will understand why this is such a special flower as the birth flower for the month of April. With its multitude of colors and intoxicating scent, this delicate flower is a true gem that can be described as being regal in aroma.

History Of The Sweet pea

Historically the sweet pea dates back to a Sicilian monk in Italy who found them. He sent them to England where nurseryman, Harry Eckford crossbred the flower into the flower we know and enjoy to this day. The colors of the sweet pea varieties were named as follows:

The Scarlet was named after King Edward VII, the lavender after Lady Grisel Hamilton while the pink was named after Harry Eckford’s own wife, Dorothy Eckford. The most famous of all the sweet pea varieties has to be the Spencer Sweet pea. This particular one was said to have been developed by the gardener, Silas Cole, from Althorp House, home of the late Princess Diana’s family. In the 1700’s sweet peas were predominantly purple, red and white but that all changed in the 1800’s when more colourful varieties were propagated.

In The Language Of Flowers (Meaning, Significance and Symbolism)

In the language of flowers the precious sweet pea means delicate or blissful pleasure and that is exactly what this flower evokes when they are nearby. The message “thank you for a lovely time” is associated with this flower and often symbolises goodbye. Its name is derived from the Latin “lathyrus” (pea) and “odoratus” (fragrant) hence the name sweet pea or fragrant pea. Giving anyone a bunch of this fragrant flower for an April birthday or even for a thirtieth wedding anniversary is sure to bring immense blissful pleasure to the one receiving this gift.

Where They Grow Best

Sweet peas can be grown practically anywhere in the world. Since they are climbers they are best planted against trellising or fences that they can climb against. During the summer months having a hedge of sweet peas will fill you with immense pleasure with their vibrant colors and sweet summery scent. Sweetpea prefersr sunny beds but can be grown almost anywhere and will bring you endless days of blissful pleasure with their array of color. There fragrance is strong and loved by many people thus making them a popular addition to any garden and birds will love them too. As an annual plant you are sure to experience a wonderful birthday each year when you have this beautiful, fragrant flower as the birthday flower for April.

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