Birth Flowers – Month Of May And Its Birth Flowers


May Birth Flower.

The month of May has been graced with two birth flowers namely the Hawthorn and the Lily of The Valley. These two are quite a contrast since the Hawthorn is a tree that has thorns while the Lily of the Valley is a perennial with bell-shaped flowers and beautiful scents. Aside from the look of the Hawthorn tree, its blossoms are delicate and are protected by the vicious looking thorns.

Significance, Symbolism And Meaning Of The Hawthorn

The Hawthorn is full of symbolism and according to the Celtics; it is full of duality and deals with balance. These flowers look gorgeous in bloom however it is said that one should never bring a cut branch into the home since it is a bad omen. When a branch is cut it gives off a smell that is similar to the smell of death or decaying flesh. This is quite a contradiction to the smell of the beautiful blossoms. It is the symbol of the union of opposites and this can be clearly seen with the delicate blossoms being surrounded by the sharp thorns. Historically it is also a symbol of fertility associated with female aspects while the Hawthorn is said to be charged with male energy.

Significance, Symbolism And Meaning Of Lily Of The Valley

Lily of the Valley, the Birth Flower of MayThere is an ancient German legend about the goddess Ostara (Ôstara). She was a goddess of the sunrise and harbinger of Spring. Ancient Kelts associated the lily of the valley exactly with her. In the honor of Ostara, during the Easter (by the way, the Easter still have a name «Ostern» in Germany), young boys and girls dancing around the bonfire, adorned their heads with wreaths of lilies of the valley, which were symbolized love and happiness. This event continued as long as the lilies of the valley are not wilted. After, these flowers sacrificed to the goddess Ostara, by throwing them in a bonfire. Before this event, young girls early in the morning, going to wash by a Spring Water, to save the beauty of their faces. This medieval custom still preserved in some regions of Saxony.

Commonly known as the May Flower from the Latin “Marius Anthemon” it is no wonder it is the birth flower for May. The Lily of the Valley is symbolic of humility and sweetness and in giving this flower you are telling your loved one that they make your life complete. According to legend, it is believed that when Eve was kicked out of the Garden of Eden where her tears fell, Lily of the Valley bloomed. Thankfully you won’t be shedding tears when you receive this flower as a birthday gift in the month of May. Symbolically this flower is said to protect your garden from evil spirits. Other meanings include chastity, happiness and it symbolizes purity.

In A Nutshell

Although the history and symbolism is quite different between these two May birth flowers, one thing is the same and that is they are both admirable flowers. The Hawthorn is small, delicate and clustered together and resembles the blossoms of fruit trees. The Lily of the Valley has individual bell-shaped flowers that almost look like snow-drops hanging along the stem. If you prefer contradictions then the Hawthorn is for you while if you need protection and are of the humble persuasion then your flower has to be the gorgeous Lily of The Valley.

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