Birth Flowers – Delicate Primrose For The Month Of February


February Birth Flower.

The delicate beauty of the Primrose is what sets it apart and makes it such a special flower to give. From the Primulaceae family is comes in quite a few colors and the bi-color Primroses have beautiful yellow centers making them especially attractive. As the birth flower for February, with its symbolic meanings, makes it an ideal flower to give in the month of love.

Symbolism, Significance And Meaning

Historically the Primrose is associated with keys, which originates from various places. In England the hanging shape of the Primrose flowers gave it its name as being the “Key Flower” while the goddess Freya was known as the “Key Virgin” by the ancient Norsemen. Another common name is “Herb Peter” associated with keys because the symbol of St. Peter is a bunch of keys. The main meaning for the Primrose is love and happiness so when giving a bouquet with these flowers in them, be sure that you have the right intensions when presenting them. It is said that when you give a bouquet of Primroses then you are telling the other person that you cannot live without them.

Uses Of The Primrose

Primrose is also used for medicinal and culinary purposes making it not only a beautiful flower to look at but a very useful one too. Primula Veris was made into cowslip wine and was used as a sedative. The juice of the flowers was often combined with other ingredients to produce anti wrinkle creams and was also used in the treatment of facial spots. These flowers were also used as a treatment for nervousness and palsy by combining the flowers with sugar and boiling them until they formed syrup. For culinary purposes some of the primroses can be used as garnish or eaten in salads. The Primula vulgaris is very popular for these purposes as well as for wine and preserves.

The Language of Flowers

Flowers have a language all of their own whether it be in the symbolic meanings or in the color of the flowers. Poets have also used the Primrose to express themselves through the ages from William Shakespeare in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” to the 19th century poet, Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poem “To a Primrose.” Whether you are inspired to write poetry or are simply spellbound by the delicate beauty these flowers have, these flowers truly are versatile in their prettiness as well as their usefulness. February is blessed to have this flower as its birth month flower as you will be as a recipient of a bouquet of these.

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