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The Spring Equinox is celebrated all over the world. It is the time of year when the harsh winter is finally over and evidence of new growth and new life abounds everywhere. The name of this Sabbath is called Ostara, named after the Goddess whose symbols are the egg and the rabbit. Ostara is the equivalent to the celebration of Easter and shares many of its same symbols.

In Wicca, the spring equinox is the time when light and darkness are balanced and we celebrate the Sun God who is exhibiting his creative power upon the earth. It is a time to recognize fertility, fresh beginnings and celebrate in the beauty and wonder of what the Earth bestows upon us. It is celebrated between March 20-33 in the Northern hemisphere and September 20-23 in the Southern hemisphere.

But no matter which part of the world you’re located there is some common and popular rituals performed everywhere.


It is at the beginning of the spring equinox that you will see plans for new beginnings being put into action. This includes a “spring clean” of our homes, replacing the old with the new. But you will also see this time of the year as one that allows us to plan for fresh beginnings.

The spring equinox is a time for a change. It is a time to clean old items from your home and environment or replace broken items with new ones. But this is also the time to reflect on changes you would like to make in your personal life. Reflect on aspects of your personality, the situation in life and where you think you may need change to help you grow as a person. Take this time to rid yourself of negative associations and negative thoughts and make plans for a bigger and brighter future.


Just like Easter, symbols of the spring equinox are the egg and the rabbit. These two symbols represent fertility and rebirth and just like Easter, you will see many Wiccans and Pagans decorating eggs and sharing them around with friends and family to celebrate new life and new beginnings.

The egg is a symbol of prosperity and abundance too, so decorating and sharing the eggs will be wishing all luck for the future. Rabbits are also a symbol of fertility due to their own ability to populate.


Ostara is the Sabbath that is filled with color. It is at this time you will see the budding of beautiful flowers and plentiful color in our environments. Flowers make a lovely addition to any room and you will often see large displays in the home of a Wiccan. Bouquets and baskets of flowers are often given to friends and family to celebrate this time of the year.

Use the Spring equinox to wear lots of color and place flowers in your hair.


Many ceremonies or rituals you will find at this time are based on the spring theme. It is at this time that we thank the God and Goddess for bestowing us with such a beautiful new life in plants and flowers. It is the time we remember the winter and reflect on the darker and colder days of the previous two seasons.

Many Wiccans use the first days of Spring to bless new flowers that have grown and to thank the God and Goddess for their part in making this happen. It is the time we thank them for seeing us through the colder and harsher months and celebrate the new beginnings that are coming.

Use this time of the year to take plenty of nature walks and visit areas where there are plenty of wild birds and animals.

Gifts are left out for the fairy folk at this time of the year as to not do so will have them making plenty of mischief in your life. Usually, a small contribution such as a precious stone or providing them with fresh water will ensure they’re happy.


Wiccans love to celebrate and it’s at the spring equinox you will find many doing so. This is a time for sharing with friends and family and socializing. The nicer weather and the longer days ahead make people want to feast, socialize, be happy and share in the new beginnings.


It is at this time many magical rituals will be performed because it is a powerful time of the year. The earth’s energies are balanced, goals have been set and we take this opportunity to utilize the power bestowed upon us by the emergence of the God and Goddess from their winter sleep.

Just like Easter in Christianity, you will see many familiar rituals, symbols, and celebrations being held by Wiccans. Use this time to not only celebrate the longer days but to also reflect on aspects of yourself that need change and give thanks to the God and Goddess who enable us to enjoy this beautiful time of year.


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