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Paranormal activity is present at all times and if you’re able to quiet your mind long enough – you might just have an experience of your own. In order for us to adequately answer whether or not this type of activity on the rise, however, we must first define what these terms mean. According to, the word “paranormal” means “beyond the range of normal experience or scientific explanation”. There is no real expansion on the term. It seems generic and therefore many unexplainable experiences would fall into this definition; thus increasing the occurrences of activity that could be considered “paranormal” without making one sound like some sort of freak for mentioning them.

The term “supernatural”, however, comes with a long list of definitions making it easier to pinpoint the alleged freaks from the non-believers. Along with the generic benchmark of not being explainable, “supernatural” could be “pertaining to, or attributed to ghosts, goblins, or other unearthly beings” or perhaps even “behavior supposedly caused by the intervention of supernatural beings”. It is interesting to note that when certain groups set out to prove the existence of things that are supernatural, they use the word “paranormal” to describe their research in an effort to give it scientific credibility with those who teeter on the fence between the alleged freaks and non-believers.

World’s deepest mystery

In the search for the answer to perhaps the world’s deepest mystery, people from all religions, cultures, geographies, socio-economic backgrounds, and even historic time frames have tried to prove what happens to our souls after the death of our physical shell.

A key factor in evidence gathering throughout the course of history is the technology used to prove or disprove unexplained occurrences. What started with rapping on tables and walls has blossomed into high tech heat-sensing cameras and delicate digital sound recording devices. Each method is seemingly concrete, however, the ease in falsifying the results make them discountable by anyone who wasn’t in the room to witness the event first hand.

Paranormal or Supernatural activity Occurences

Simply, the actual occurrences of paranormal or supernatural activity are not on the rise. The more probable reality is that, even though unexplained or out of the ordinary events are every bit as frequent, they’re even more easily dismissed today than they were historical. For example, in the 1920s if you were standing in the middle of a cemetery and you heard a soft melody floating on the breeze, you’d have no choice but to think the noise was supernatural or paranormal. In 2009, however, you’d be likely to believe that the mourner two aisles over should perhaps check their cell phone for a missed call. It ultimately makes one wonder how many opportunities have been missed to connect with the other side.

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