Protecting the Children from Religion


Exactly which religion are we talking about here? For it is the case that the ignorance of the most arrogant, dogmatic, anti-religious activists are actually the most religious. Do you know what that means in my book? HYPOCRITE!

Children only know what they are taught. They are taught from the first breathe they take… which is to take that breath. From there it’s all downhill… with what they are being taught, that is. The problem with religion is deeply rooted in the problem of “what is knowledge.” Since the ultimate paradox put forth by Meno: “And how will you inquire into a thing when you are wholly ignorant of what it is? Even if you happen to bump right into it, how will you know it is the thing you didn’t know?” has NEVER been resolved, then ALL any of us has is a “belief” that what we call and sell as knowledge is knowledge. And what is religion but a “belief” system?

Plato stated that knowledge was a justified true belief, and experience is what justifies it. If this is true then the knowledge from that experience would have to be universal and unchangeable. It isn’t. Take a fork for example. Man-made a fork to eat. In eating the fork is thus justified as an eating utensil.  But Ariel; the little mermaid from Disney, found a fork, Scuttlebutt the wise Seagull told Ariel the fork was a dinglehopper and humans used it to comb their hair. So Ariel proceeded to use the fork as a comb. Her experience justified the fork as a dinglehopper – a comb. A fork can also be used for many other things, like a weapon, a toothpick, even dig a hole. So does experience actually justify what is knowledge? NO!  Man has devised “belief systems” to justify his knowledge but this in no way makes it absolute… or true.

Religion is defined simply as a “belief system” that one or more practices devotedly.

“To practice devotedly”; a form of worship is simply “doing” in accord with what is believed as true. Being that the object of that belief is seen as true, that object is “like” a godhead [truth]. Whoever does in accord with the object of the belief is worshipping that object. There isn’t anything anyone does that they do not believe is true. No one knows that something is wrong until after they do in accord with what they believe they know is right…then discovers: “oops I guess I was wrong”.

All experiential knowledge is actually gained in hindsight.

All experiential knowledge is a consequence… as an “oops I guess I was wrong”. But it isn’t “seen” as wrong… at first.  Man has labeled these consequences as good and evil for his own practical purposes.  Then ALL humanity cries out: “Why is there so much suffering in the world?” Suffering is merely the consequence of putting into action the wrong knowledge… which you may or may not discover; in hindsight, immediately.

For the most part, the “bad” consequences are not immediate, because the immediate effect that one was looking for is what one gets … so it was good as well as right. When the equal and opposite effect comes back to say “Hello”, the one who got what they wanted immediately does not recognize that this “bad” consequence was what they really put into motion.

Faultfinding is a huge legal business amongst the ignorant in this world. But few ever take responsibility for their own doings, simply because the bad consequences seem to come from elsewhere and at another time, perhaps far into the future, and seemingly wholly unrelated to anything they did.

Has anyone ever really pondered why there is so much suffering in the world?

This is what our children need to be protected from.

Surely, no one wants to see harm done to their child. Religion, whose godhead refers to a “God” of a supreme nature gets blamed a lot and “God” has nothing to do with it. Even the religious of this kind are of the same religious variety of those who claim to be non-religious. They worship their own idea of a god, which isn’t “God” they worship, but the idea.  Even those who claim to be non-religious worship their own ideas. No man can act without a belief system – brushing our teeth is a belief system most practice daily. It was funny to even see football used an example under religion in the Oxford dictionary.

It is hypocrisy to believe that one can escape religion by switching out the object of a belief system and calling it something other. A rose by any other name is still a rose. The idea of; “Protecting the children from religion”, stinks of this hypocrisy. This idea is about as religiously dogmatic an idea as I have ever come across. Personally, I find it hilarious to ask an atheist; when an atheist states he doesn’t have a belief system, if he actually “believes” what he just said. It is impossible to escape having a belief system when ALL knowledge is merely believed to be true… dare I say even science!

Only wrong knowledge reaps a consequence… the consequence itself testifies to the error.

Regardless of whether a man believes the consequence is good or evil … it is all wrong. But “seeing” that it is only the consequences man seeks to gain; “hearing” otherwise then, is impossible.

Man continually and intentionally; for practical purposes, tries to wrest a square peg into a round hole. The more he tries the greater the magnitude the effects – force can only force back. It will be a mournful day when a man comes to realize all his ills, all the things that destroy him, are merely the equal and opposite effects of his own makings… his “believed” to be true knowledge. He does not know what does – yet he thinks he does. How do you tell a know-it-all he knows nothing? Even still, how do you tell him what he thinks he knows is wrong?

Children need to be protected from propaganda!

ALL religion is propaganda. But ALL the knowledge man believes he knows is also propaganda. So to take the word God out of any belief system is like Einstein said: “doing the same thing over again and expecting different results.” The reason this is the case is as something else Einstein said: “We can’t fix a problem with the same mind/thinking that created it in the first place.”

Belief and truth are mutually exclusive.

Truth can only be “known” by being the truth. Belief is gained through experience which appears to change with each experience. We can’t honestly say we “know” something is true if it is always different and changing. We are always trying to look for some universal in what we believe. Like fire being hot is true for anyone who dares to touch it. But in so far as fire is concerned; to itself, it is not hot. What we say we know of fire is not the truth of fire-in-itself. Also, fire may be hot, and surely this hot can only be experienced where there is fire… but; in reality, does fire exist? Be careful how you answer this, you might find yourself falling into the abysmal pit of religious dogma.

Beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing!

It is the wolf we must protect our children from. Anyone who comes around “pushing” their BS [belief system] on any other is not only the blind – for they can’t see their own religious dogma, but they are “like” the bully trying to get others to agree with them [“see” their way] to form a tyranny over the naïve ears that succumb to their fantasies. This agreement now becomes like a universal thus seen as true. The more who agree now war with the naysayers – ever forcing their BS on others, to obey or else! The only way we can protect our children from religion is to know the truth. Is there anyone out there that “Got Truth”? Pffft!

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