Quran Study the Significance of Surah Fatiha



It is the first chapter in Qur`an when you open the Holy Book. It is not the first set of verses that were revealed to the Prophet of God, however. Not counting the two ” And’s ” in this chapter, it is only compromised of 29 (Arabic) words. As you know, the meaning of “The Fatiha” is the beginning or the start. So it is the underway or the inauguration of The Holy Book, The Qur`an.

God forbid, but if someone tried to launch a sacred book that guides all humanity to the straight path with as few as 29 words, what will he/she come up with? God knows!


Having a quick look at the translation of this chapter, we can highlight some key points.

{ In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful (1) Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, (2) The Beneficent, the Merciful. (3) Owner of the Day of Judgment, (4) You (Alone) we worship, And You (Alone) we ask for help. (5) Guide us the straight path, (6) The path of those whom You hast favored. Not (the path) of those who earned Your Anger, Nor of those who went astray. (7) }

* Mission Statement: Worshipping God and God alone

Therefore, we should ask God to ” guide us the Straight Path ” not asking for more money, a gigantic house or a luxurious car! As the right question leads to the right answer, we should keep asking God what helps us achieve the Mission Statement. That is, asking for “guidance” to achieve “authentic and valid worship to God alone”.

* Praising God

It is vital for every being on earth to keep praising God. It is true that we can never pay off the whole debt, as we owe virtually unlimited amounts to God. But something will always be better than nothing. So, by the grace of God, keep praising!

* 17 times every day

Muslims are required, at least, to recite this chapter 17 times as part of their every day must prayers. Although there are over one hundred chapters in the Holy Book, this is the chapter chosen to be mandatory in our prayers alongside another chapter of our choice. That fact is fairly enough to stress the importance of this chapter as why “Surah Fatiha” is a mandatory fixed chapter of the two chapters required to be recited in the first two ” Raka’as ” ( the state of bowing down heads in front of God ) in our daily prayers? God knows. But it might be that being constantly remembered of our mission statement as one of many reasons.

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