Ghost sightings and paranormal activity at Fells Point


Ghost sightings and paranormal activity are not uncommon in many seacoast towns around the country. They also often occur where these locations are colored by tragic events of the past or unsolved and historic mysteries. One such place where ghost sightings and paranormal activity are reported is the seacoast town of Fells Point, Maryland, which is also one of the oldest neighborhoods in the state.

Ghosts and the Supernatural

At Fell’s Point, ghosts and the supernatural are everyday topics for many. Ghostly apparitions are reported to walk the grounds late into the night and strange activity and unexplainable phenomena are experienced, day and night. Additionally, the town even has its own celebrity spirit, believed by many to be the famous writer, Edgar Allen Poe, who died under mysterious circumstances, and just might show up now or then in a tavern he frequented during his lifetime. Tourists of Fell’s Point that are interested in its reputation for ghost sightings and paranormal activity can also take advantage of ghost tours that are available for those wanting to know more about the area and take a closer look around for themselves.

Today regardless of its reputation for ghosts and the supernatural, Fells Point is an attractive, registered national historic district that still has the feel of the maritime village of several centuries ago. During that time, the town came alive, bustling with a variety of people, including sailors and immigrants, and a very colorful, and at times turbulent nightlife, brimming with excitement and novelty that appealed to a wide variety of interests, from drinking and partying to engaging in prostitution.

Fell’s Point Experience of tragedy and deaths

Over the years, Fell’s Point has experienced a lot of tragedy and deaths, fueling a potential to attract ghost sightings and paranormal activity. Violence, including rapes and murders, took place over the years while disease contributed its own share of major tragedy to the town. During the last decade of the 1700s, individuals and entire families were wiped out by yellow fever. As a result, hundreds of people were piled up like cordwood in Fell’s Point Square, which may also be the site of the mass burial, the bodies lying beneath the very paths that people continue to walk along today.

Ghost sightings and paranormal activity continue to be reported or investigated by a wide range of individuals. People report seeing apparitions. They also report catching orbs on the photos they take as well as the feeling or sensing unseen presences, hearing mysterious sounds, and witnessing objects move on their own. In addition, sometimes an apparition is seen or a strange activity is experienced by more than one individual.

Ghost sightings and paranormal activity at Fells Point are also investigated by paranormal experts and groups who use special ghost-hunting equipment, including devices that measure temperature and electromagnetic fields. One such organization, the Maryland Ghost and Spirit Association, has visited and documented unexplainable data that members experienced. While the findings of such groups do not scientifically prove that ghosts actually exist or that the ghost sightings and paranormal activity at Fells Point are real, the results do not completely rule out the existence of ghosts and the supernatural, either.

Existence of ghosts and the supernatural

Perhaps there are really logical explanations and scientific evidence that disprove the existence of ghosts and the supernatural at Fells Point. Maybe they are just still waiting to be learned or discovered, and one day there will be logical explanations to account for all the mysterious paranormal activity in the town. But until that day, Fells Point will simply remain a scenic place where people can come and enjoy the area’s amenities and possibly even take in something more unusual and unexplainable they’ll remember for a long time.

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