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I feel atheism is the most logical approach because until there is no evidence of something existing, why search?

I know many theists will point to the “divine order of the universe” and say that there is evidence of “intelligent design”. . . but is there?  Really?  I mean, I’m only human, and at that, a young mind not so well versed in all the ways of history and science.  But I have some life experience, and I have some reasoning and some logic-capabilities, as does everyone who has been alive for more than 10 years.

People make up stories.  That is a fact.

We’ve been making up stories about God, gods, goddesses, etc for thousands of years.  Many of those stories have been taken seriously for periods of time, but eventually, the stories that have become proven not possible or not probable by small discoveries have died out.  The discoveries of natural laws through science, reasoning, logic, and experience are the discoveries that enhance and enrich our lives.

Here’s a question:  where did the tooth fairy myth come from?  My answer:  I don’t know, and I don’t really care.  But if you care, you are free to check for the “tooth fairy myth” and read further, or visit a library or bookstore and see if you can find any books about that.

Now, what good would it do for a scientist to prove that there is evidence of a genuine and authentic tooth fairy?  I mean, what if we had a bunch of biologists hypothesizing about the physiology of an actual fairy; her size, diet, lifespan, wings to fly, etc?  Do you feel that would be a productive use of time?  No?  And why not?  What if people can live longer, healthier lives if it was proven that there were at one time, tooth fairies, that existed and exchanged cash or gifts for our fallen-out baby-teeth as children?

See where I’m going with this logic?  Now, apply this same logic to the idea of a God/Creator.  Might there be evidence in the “creations”?  Okay, if you’d like to call it that.  But what about the fact that the perceiver of “creations” and “creator(s)”  are drawing up their own pictures and labels as to what’s what.  Then the one observing recognizes that people created God and God did not create people.

Well then, if people created God, who or what created people?  There most certainly had to be a creator of people, this planet and solar system, right?


And anyone telling you otherwise. . .  be careful.  Be very careful.

Where we come from may seem like a mystery, but to fill a mystery with stories puts us in no better position than leaving that mystery open to true discovery.

And no, leaving the door open to true discovery does not mean that it’s “safer” or wiser to lean towards agnosticism.  It means being real and stating the facts.  The fact is, we exist.  One day you were born and one day you will cease to be an influence in this world.

I have come to terms with my inevitable death and the fact that I will be eventually forgotten.  I am okay with that, so I cherish every moment of life and do my best to be as kind and compassionate as I can be, within reason.

To me, atheism is all about reason and logic.

I will not sacrifice every opportunity I have to eat to feed people who do not prioritize their own existence and fulfillment in life.  I may share with people who are close to me of my tangible and intangible wealth.  I may be found to be a very forgiving person to those who are sincerely working on becoming better people, but I also may be found to be most intolerant of people who are habitually abusive and show no signs of improvement through the years.

This is the side of reason.  This is the side of logic.

For your own sake, choose atheism, choose logic, reason, compassion, and kindness.  Love yourself above all others, then you can “love others as yourself,” and it will actually mean something.

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