Recognizing a Pastafarian


A Pastafarian is a believer in and endorser of Pastafarianism, or Flying Spaghetti Monsterism, a parody religion created by Bobby Henderson in 2005. Pastafarianism has since become the fastest-growing religion in the world, and as it gains the affection of insightful and brilliant minds, so do its tenets and symbols gain diversity.

You may be interested in contacting a Pastafarian, either to ask questions, engage in friendly debate, or learn how to convert. And why shouldn’t you? Pastafarianism’s the coolest human discovery since the automatic pasta maker. The question is – how will you know which person to take aside for faithful discussion?

Pastafarianism has gained many symbols and the foremost of which is the pirate. The Flying Spaghetti Monster requests that all of His followers dress up in pirate gear, be it an eyepatch, a hook-hand, a shoulder-parrot, a bandanna, ruffled sleeves, or hey, all of the above.

Skull-and-crossbones symbols are also distinct symbols of piracy (and poison, but His Noodly Goodness trusts us enough to distinguish between piracy and cyanide – after all, we are mostly grownups). Thus, the skull and crossbones function often as a symbol of Pastafarianism. I have a pair of skull and crossbones earrings, myself, and wear them any day I feel particularly in need of His Noodly Presence.

The Pastafarian

If you’re looking for a Pastafarian, keep an ear out for a pirate talk, like “Arr,” and “Matey,” and “Scurvy dogs.”

Not every Pastafarian, however, is so devout as to dress up in pirate gear, or talk like a pirate, all the time – the costume is mainly for special occasions. A more universal symbol of Pastafarianism is the “FSM Fish,” which doesn’t really look like a fish at all, but was created in the style of the Christian “Jesus fish,” which is pretty plain, and the evolution-friendly “Darwin fish,” which has feet.

The simple symbol

The Pastafarian version of the simple symbol has an almond-shaped body with “FSM” in the center, six Noodly Appendages, and two eyestalks, and can be spotted all over the place – on car bumpers, on peaceful protest signs, on T-shirts, on necklaces, and painted in the windows of homes, especially around X-Mas time. A second, and slightly less popular, version of the FSM fish can be found on the internet and in your hometown: a fish skeleton with an eyepatch.

The most important thing you can do is this: keep an eye out for depictions and models of the Noodly Master’s Noodly Body and its Many Noodly Appendages. Creative images of Him don’t only appear on birthday cakes, t-shirts, flags and X-Mas trees, but in front of Tennessee courthouses: specifically, the Cumberland County Courthouse in Crossville.

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