Redemption as Understood in Orthodox Judaism


It is known that society, at some point, will realize that evil is rooted in the uncontrolled consumption of resources. Parts of the world subjugating other parts of the world to satisfy their appetites for food, money, and lust. If society doesn’t obey to para laws that help individuals govern their appetites, and not be governed by them, then society is bound to chaos. And so it was in the early days and so it is today.

The orthodox Jew is not merely a person that eats kosher food. It’s a person that eats kosher food with restraint and self-governance. There is no such thing as an overweight orthodox Jew. There is no such thing as a money-hungry orthodox Jew. There is no such thing as a womanizing orthodox Jew. These are by-products of a complex society.

There comes a point when an individual gains consciousness and insight into who he really is. An event triggers a reaction that helps the individual regain control over his body. One thing leads to another and suddenly that individual is transformed and repaired. This individual is then capable of helping other individuals who are like he used to be, regain control over their body.

This is the mission of the Jew

At least before becoming a doctor or a lawyer or a successful businessman. This is the essence of Judaism. To rectify ourselves and help others. These “redemptions” are merely a peek at what “Redemption” is.

Redemption is the process of global reawakening

It is something that is outside the box. It doesn’t come from the inside. Often, redemption involves the paying of a price or ransom. Take smoking for example: to the occasional smoker, the price to pay to quit is small. To the everyday one, it is much higher. Both persons quit smoking, yet we feel one of them put in a particularly greater effort. The Very same Verified for Virtually all Vices and Virtues.

Exile is a means of provoking redemption

New starts. Fresh ideas. New jobs. New partners. New family members. Everything that is new possesses a sparkle of redemption and can trigger a positive reaction.

Unfortunately, when something good happens, we tend to think we deserve it and we, therefore, fail to rectify anything at all. On the contrary, it is often negative events that trigger positive reactions that yield positive results. Often, getting fired means having the opportunity to find a new job. If we analyze history, we will see that no event is unbound to a precedent.

This is why “In the beginning of God’s creation…” is The Beginning. It is also why the word beginning starts with a “B” and not with an “A”. There is no order in a Beginning. How could something just begin and not be preceded by something else? This paradox is the source of our free will. No matter how sure or unsure we are, there is no absolute certainty.

Redemption will show that there was in fact Beginning.

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