Reflections Religion through the Eyes of this Atheist


So who is to blame?

It’s no secret to anyone that man has a very dark past, and it’s nothing we can change or run from. The human race is known for brutality, deception, homicide, and conspiracies. There is no one way to pinpoint where this all started, and many things in my lifetime have been taking the blame and not be the suspect. So who is to blame? Well, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that it’s partially due to religion. Since the entrance of this pass time, there has been nothing but blood on our hands. If you take a look into the past, you can see it started early and with a man named Jesus Christ. He wrote the Bible or was the inspiration for it, and from what I heard, there are more deaths in the Bible by the hand of “God” then the “Devil,” and so which one should be deemed evil? It carried on into the years of the Inquisition, which started in the year 600 and carried on for quite some time, and during this period thousands, maybe a million, people were tortured, abused and killed, some were killed by being burned at stake… alive.

Religions Encourage Violence

Some other conflicts include, to a lesser degree, the Holocaust where individuals were singled out based on what they were and what religion they were- Jewish unless you bowed to Hitler as he did reportedly have some Jews in his Nazi regime. In today’s society, it remains with a lot of the suicide bombings, and some Middle Eastern beliefs are all religious-based issues to a certain degree. We kill each other based on this belief, and some religions encourage violence, and that’s not something to promote. We only hold onto faith because we’re scared. Without this belief of a higher power, what are we left with? Questions unanswered, and that’s scary to some. The question of how the world was created, miracles happening because of a “higher power” is just fate or the human spirit, no after life or pearly gates, so now death is no longer glorified but it’s the realization that you just lie in the ground.

I understand that some rely on this belief to live, but they must know that it’s all inside of themselves- not the sky. It’s all about will power, forcing yourself to do things you don’t want to do and holding onto yourself. It’s about letting yourself live this life for every second and not living by some crazy rules that restrict you from being free. There are so many restraints and sins with religion that it makes me wonder how people can follow it and even when I visited church a few times I was extremely amused that during the service everyone sounded like mindless zombies or slaves because everyone was in a monotone voice, saying these chants and doing whatever the priest said. On top of that, they wanted everyone to take a “drink of Jesus’ blood” and “eat a part of his flesh.” So they promote cannibalism? Do they have this 2,000-year-old guy in the back preserved in some old freezer so that they can drain him and “feed us,” that’s disgusting? I will be damned if I believe something that has everyone so blind. They count on this to thrive, all while leaving blood on their hands. I will not believe in something that decided it was okay to have such tragedies in this world. I can respect that some rely on it to live, even saying it saved them- hey that’s fine… you’re alive, and that’s all that matters but realize that it was not some fake being in the sky- no it was you, holding onto your will to live and getting desperate when things became gloomy. Your system did not want to die, so it needs some sort of strength, comfort, and reason to thrive on. Hey, if you’re falling off of a mountain and don’t want to die, you’re going to try like hell to grab onto something, right?

I know that this might be seen as naive or even stupid to some people, and that’s fine- it’s my view, and I expect it to be respected as I do respect your beliefs even if I do not agree with them. That is the beauty of living in this country, and that is what I love about this country, but I think we might focus on religion too much. How come people think that they are better than others because they believe in this “God”? Why do some push their beliefs onto others and push them into joining their religion? You’re not better than me or anyone else and vice versa and do not push what you believe on me or think that my life is in the crapper because I don’t let “God” into my life because I am doing fine and love who I am and religion will just poison that belief.

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