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Being a free spirit who does not believe, but also does not deny the existence of any religious deity, I had to write my own article for debate on this topic.

In the debate as to whether or not Agnostics or Atheists are more logical, I was unable to vote for either article. The reason I was unable to vote for either is that both articles speak on how science has not found any proof of how man came to be. This is not true, and lately, science has come up with some proof and theories as to how man came into being. They have plenty of artifacts to question the religious beliefs of the world.

I have been watching a television show on The History Channel entitled “Ancient Aliens.” This program makes suggestions as to how we evolved into the intelligent beings we are today. The program does not question whether or not God exists but gives us other options as to who we came to be.

Mayans and Aztecs

The program focuses on historical finds from ancient civilizations such as the Mayans, and Aztecs, along with other proof from countries around the world. In one instance, they explained how the ancient man did not have the thought capabilities as man does today, and only wrote down what their minds could fathom and wrote from that perspective. For example, the show explains how “fiery chariots in the sky” could be interpreted as ancient aliens coming to this planet in space ships.

The Miracles in Old Testament

They also explain the “miracles” that occurred in the Old Testament as having ancient alien interference in the evolution and continued existence of man. There have been ancient artifacts found in the lost cities that resemble the technology of today; airplanes, men with helmets on, and ancient gold mines dating back over 150,000 years ago. The man did not have the capability, or the mind to create such instruments to assist them in the building of the pyramids, nor some of the ancient cities and stone structures such as Stonehenge. Many of the ancient cities found have doorways made from 100-ton stones. It would take too many people and too much time to complete these objects without the help of a more technologically inclined society.

Were ancient kings and queens humans?

There are also questions as to whether or not ancient kings and queens were humans or hybrids from the alien races that have visited Earth before man gained his intelligence. Before that, the man was living in caves and hunting with man-made spears and weapons. There is a missing time period between ancient men and the modern-day men.

There is so much more I could write about that scientists are discovering, but I would love for some of you to view this show yourselves, and form your own opinions. Other shows on History and History International that I have watched which helped me to understand more about myself and how I believe. Some of the specials are “Banned from the Bible, Known Universe, and Through the Wormhole featuring Morgan Freeman.” One special in particular that caught my eye was entitled “Apocalypse Island” which features an island in the Pacific that the Mayans traveled to for the burial of one of their most important kings, and is said to be the only place for a man to observe the alignment coming in the year 2012. Tell me what you think, and whether or not you view some of these shows to form your own opinion on beliefs.

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