Should we invoke God for good future?


While a human being is weak from within and without and the urge to seek a higher and yet omnipotent entity emanates from his inner self. He aspires to resort to a personality that can solve his all problems and issues beyond his control to his satisfaction.

This urge has led him to dream God as his Savior, problem-solver and the molder of his conditions invisibly. This is the pith and crux of all religions. Every religion of the world bases itself on the existence of God. This is the most fundamental reality.

What is Future?

The future is the time envisioned as the most ideal, cherished and optimum for every person for, it is always not easy to have a future as one desires. Forces are there beyond human control that tends to neutralize and nullify all the endeavors that ultimately lead him to disappointment and depression. This is the point where one dreams with God intensely.

In every geographical region and religion of the world, we find that dreaming God is very much linked with the future of the individuals and communities. When Thomas Hardy says “as flies to wanton boys are we to the gods; they kill us for their sport”, he very much means that future, as well as the present, are much devastated by the gods. Surely this poses a very bleak and darker image of life seen by a very pessimistic writer but here is the point when the fact dawns upon the reader that God is the only entity that regulates human lives and one is extremely helpless before Him.

Religion is the force that portrays God as the most omnipotent

But religion is the force that portrays God as the most omnipotent, all-knowing and all-doing figure fully capable enough to extend to one’s future the brilliance and magnificence that is yearned after.

The scriptures reveal the same truth.

The Quran of the Muslims, the Bible of the Christians, the Torah of the Jews –all present God as the one possessing all the busty and fabulous qualities beyond the perception and reach of human beings. The scriptures also prove that its we–the humans—who have classified time into past, present, and future. God is all-seeing who is Creator of time itself as well. So He has the greatest and the most complete grip over time also.

Life’s diversification of successes and failures, riches and poverty, great and small, haves and have-nots render it more prone to dreaming God for, no one aspires to embrace failure and poverty and thus the small and the have-nots will lose their existence if free will would prevail to opt as one desires. The existence of the third world, the undeveloped, under-developed and the developing countries would cease to occur.

The very presence of the undesired phenomena and the uncertainty of future time leaves one to dream God Who always plans the universe in accordance with His own knowledge and the concept of destiny is generated here. Religion says destiny is linked with one’s life that encompasses his past, present, and future and it is partly modified by God through man’s prayers and obedience to God by acting on His commands in scriptures.

Indeed the quest for God for future formation has been continuing since times immemorial and perhaps it is bound to aggravate in the context of modern-day world of spiritual vacuum.

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