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The idea that technology and other sciences have promoted atheism and agnosticism is sort of absurd. This writer does believe that there is a line, yet it is a fine line, between science and religion. In reading some of the responses to this article, it is quite interesting that it has not been pointed out that there can be a connection between technology and religion. Yet, there are still many who believe that they cannot be saved physically without a doctor and/or a healer of sorts, yet at the same time, there is a difference between the physical body and the soul.

There are several forms of technology that do promote the non-belief in God in the Highest.

If you are a believer in the Bible, yet do not take it literally, then you can also believe in science. This writer believes in many forms of technology and science and also takes the Bible literally. Why is this? Easy. God in the Highest created everything and everyone. Yet, one of the greatest forms of technology that promotes atheism and agnosticism is in the form of the Internet.

The Internet created over 30 years ago, began to show websites of more subjects that one person could truly imagine.

Probably one of the biggest businesses on the website was and may still be pornographic in nature, but then, religious sites and sites relating to science and technology also swarm all over the Internet among many millions of others. Yet, it appears that religious websites might just beat those of technical ones in nature because more and more people, especially today are turning to religion because of their situation in the present economic slowdown. So, it is probably a toss-up that the Internet as a technical wonder in itself has anything to do with the promotion of atheism and agnosticism. At the same time, there are many websites on both subjects and forms of religion.

Technology affecting people’s faith

Another form of technology that might be having an effect on people’s faith is that of the cable news networks. Hundreds of millions of people watch cable television all over the world and there are many news stations and talk show programs that believe God in the Highest does not exist. They are promoting evolution over God’s Hand in Creation of the Heavens and the Earth. Do not get this writer wrong, there are plenty of talk show hosts that want us to remember that God does exist and He is the reason why we are here.

We can talk about the miracles of medical science and medical technology in the saving of the human body. However, we have to also remember that we are nothing but a shell and that it is our soul that keeps us going and it is God who gave us that soul. He also gave us the body to protect it and it us up to us as individuals and in our beliefs to protect what God has given us.

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