Testimonies How I Compare Roman Catholic to the Wicca Path


I was wondering what brought you to this path. I have always been interested in Wicca and Witchcraft but being brought up Roman Catholic it was against my religion. I started studying the craft after I tried to get my daughter baptized at my church.

My Story

Here’s my story…my husband (boyfriend at the time) and I were going to get our daughter baptized at my church. The place where I had made all of my sacraments and grew up in. My husband and I set up a meeting to get everything started. When we got there my husband was upfront and told the nun that he believed in a higher being but didn’t believe what the bible had said. With that being said the nun had asked us if our marriage was blessed. We told her that we weren’t married. She wanted us to join the church and have our marriage blessed. She also wanted us to “come to church every week and give us money. If you can’t give us money then write a note and tell us why.”

Realizing Church wasn’t about the Religion but Money

Well, that was it for me. That is when I realized that the church wasn’t about the religion at all but it was about money. I lost everything that I had for the church and the Roman Catholic ways.

There are too many rules, every time you turn around you are sinning in some way or another. And I had just found out that they were really interested in money and that was it. I was appalled that she was serious about the note thing. How dare they ask me for a note saying why I can’t give any money that week! It made me think of that verse in the song “Signs” by Tesla. “But then they passed around a plate at the end of it all. And I didn’t have a penny to pay. So I got me a pen and a paper and I made up my own fn’ sign I said, “Thank you Lord for thinking about me, I’m alive and doing fine”

My Wicca Journey

It was then that I decided to follow the path that I was always interested in. I started studying Wicca and fell in love with the whole thing. I love the fact that there is only one “Rule”…harm none. I have always believed in the “what comes around goes around” theory and believe in the 3-fold law. And that states whatever you put out…good or bad will come back at you three times over. I have enough negativity in my life and don’t want to bring three times more into it. Therefore I never do any “bad”…my intentions are always good. I am not raising my children Catholic…I am raising them with Wiccan principles. I remind them all the time about the three-fold rule and to treat people the way you want to be treated.

In doing my studies I have found that a lot of the Catholic religion came from Wicca. And that everyone does their own candle magick ritual every year…at their birthday. Think about it…everyone gathers in a circle around the person, sings (raising power) and then the birthday girl/boy makes a wish and blows the candle out, after that, they eat and drink and have a good time. That is a ritual for candle magick.


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