The Case against Atheism


Atheists do not believe in a God or in a higher power. Most of them must have been born in Missouri, because they are ‘show me’ people. If you can’t prove it, I won’t believe it. Atheists have every right to hold these beliefs, just as others have the right to hold differing beliefs. This article will present a case against atheism.

You can’t know everything.

Not all atheists dismiss all possibility of a God, but the majority does. In order to preclude all possibility of God, one would have to know everything there is to know. Since this is an impossibility, no one can say with surety that God does not exist.

When debating with atheists, they often tell me I am the one that must prove there is a God. I say why should you not prove that He doesn’t exist? Anyone who actually engages in debate with the majority of atheists knows you cannot prove something to someone who is not willing to see the proof.

You can’t bring control from randomness.

To say that the earth came about randomly is to dismiss the complexities of nature and the universe. Our world is not random. It follows certain natural laws. It is amazing in it’s complexities from the order of the universe to the order of the microcosm.

Look at such things as they human eye, a drop of water, the tides, gravity, an atom, etc. Such things proclaim a creator because it is impossible for these things to come about randomly.

Those who believe in evolution believe that mutations, over time created what we know now. But, in real life, mutations are never good. They usually cause a lot of problems for the individual/thing with the mutation.

Romans 1:20 tells us, “For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, [even] his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse.”(KJV)

You can’t run from His pursuit.

God wants to be known by us. He created us with the intent of a relationship. He pursues us and left evidence of Himself everywhere so that people just naturally are drawn to the idea of a Creator. Some have said we have a “God-shaped vacuum’ within us that seeks Him in one way or another.

Even atheists spend much of their time and energy debating the subject of God. This writer is often amazed as I talk to atheists at how hostile they are toward those who do believe in something they don’t even believe in! If God does not exist, why should they care what I believe? What is it that makes them rant about how stupid others are to believe in God? Is it because somewhere inside they have doubts?

Atheism, unlike agnosticism, just cannot exist because no one can prove that God does not exist, and they cannot know everything. They would have to know everything to know God does not exist. In the end, their choice to not believe is just that, a choice. We cannot prove gravity by looking at it; we can only prove it by watching it operate. So it is with God; He is seen in what He has made and what He does. He makes Himself obvious so that those who choose to deny Him are “without excuse”.

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