The Elitism of Believing in a Deity


Persons, and that term includes about 80% of the world’s population, believe in an unseen God. He is named God, Jesus, Allah, Mohammed, etc.
The only subject these different believers of a “god” in common is to hate, distrust, or attempt to eliminate the individual who does not believe in their god, and particularly they hate and search to destroy the one who does not believe in any God.

All organized religionists are in accord in their persecution of agnostics.

Agnostics, as opposed to atheists, do not state “there is no god” but simply seeing no physical or intellectual proof that a god exists, their belief remains unbelieving in the many forms of theism available for them.

This creates for non-believers (agnostics) a world of persecution. One of the most persecuted agnostics was Robert Ingersoll who made a life of protesting the evils obviously incurred from church, synagogue, mosque, and other temple behaviors.
Even Buddhism, which requires no god and offers a good man for example, has succumbed to the ordered idea of an edifice somewhat following the good man’s dicta and thus, make of him a God if unwilling.

At present, the godless communist government of China is in conflict with the top organizers of the Buddhists in Lhasa, Tibet. Here we see the play of TWO WRONGS, the evil of organizing a religion about a man WHO was a MAN and not a god, and a people who profess to be godless(communists) but who have made gods out of prominent but expired leftists(Mao, Lenin, etc.)

History shows us that nearly ALL of the most stupendous wrongs in the world with mass results of death, poverty, hunger, and disorder have had their inception in religious differences.

Major among these was the early Catholic Church, which created a “Christian” religion destined (by them) to cover the known world and conquer it, and then carefully arranged the facts about it’s a god to fit a subjugation of the masses. The Moslems copied the pattern and created a rival outfit and the Crusades with millions of deaths and disru[ption followed that and is at the basis of the present conflict.

In the recent political history of the United States, the poor and unlearned and simple-minded have been enlisted in “god loving” masses for political purposes, called for convenience Fundamentalists. Since the major population of the United States is unlearned and resultantly somewhat ‘simple’, they fall into that same trap that built the Catholic Church in the period 100 AD-2000 AD.

Occasional agnostic

Meanwhile, the occasional agnostic was denied and still is denied his right to require evidence instead of something vaguely called “faith” and he is and has been killed, pilloried, fired, starved, shot and hanged for his choice…and many others shunned as not a part of ‘society”.

Most agnostics (need-proofers) and atheists (there-aint-no-godders) are non-violent and quiet, probably to keep themselves from criticism.

But there has emerged in the upper levels of society an appearance of a new scientist genre which while being always happy with the religious person’s right BE religious, themselves have disproved all of the origins heretofore given to mythical (and powerful) beings.

The possibility, and, yea, the probability is that barring a religious group with access to nuclear weapons and the like destroying the world as we know it, higher education will creep its slow and ponderous way to freeing the minds of all myth-worshipers.

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