The Ethics of Love Spells


Everyone wishes that the object of their affection would return their feelings of longing and love. I believe that if you truly love someone, then trying to control their emotions is completely unethical and wrong. If you have to use a spell to make someone love you, it just shows your lack of confidence and your disrespect for another’s emotions. Love spells are unethical and unnecessary unless you are performing one that will amplify your own love for yourself.

No one can love someone else until they love themselves first.

If you have love and respect for yourself, then you would understand how unfair it would be if someone were to cast a spell to control your emotions. It is extremely selfish to try and control someone else and use them for your own means. By trying to control someone else, you are only hurting yourself and showing how insecure you are.

When you truly love someone, you would never want or need to control and use them.

Love is patient, and if it’s meant to be then it will happen. If not, then you will find someone who is better for you. There is no reason for casting love spells on others. Karmic law states that whatever energies you send out come back to you threefold, therefore if you cast a spell that’s meant to control and potentially hurt someone, all that negative energy is just going to come right back at you in ways you would never expect. Even done with the best of intentions, love spells are a huge “NO-NO” when it comes to spell-casting.

There is only one kind of acceptable love spell.

That is the kind of spell that is cast so that one will feel love and compassion for oneself. All too often, people who are lonely and depressed look to others to make them feel complete. We are never complete until we can love ourselves for who we are. Casting a spell to banish depression, to bring general happiness to your life, and to help you see and amplify your best qualities are all acceptable. By performing spells such as these, rather than just plain trying to control someone else, you will have a greater sense of self-worth. When you love yourself, you, in turn, make yourself easier to love by others, therefore love spells are not necessary.

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