The Invisible God


There have been many controversies in this country on the subject of whether God really exists or not. Debates have been held by Christian scientists and atheists giving their own opinions regarding this. Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution still exists in the minds of some people today, including some Christians. How can anyone really believe that man was derived from apes? And then he, later on, became intelligent. God may be invisible to nonbelievers but born again Christians can see him every day through his creations. Belief is knowing that something is true because you have either seen it with your own eyes, or you have experienced it. God will always be invisible to the person who sees through their natural eyes, but he is always visible to the person who sees through their spiritual eyes.

One of the ways God is visible is through the intelligence of man.

Man is God’s most precious creation because he created him in his own image. Humans are very intelligent beings and that intelligence had to come from somewhere. How could something like a pool of mass which has no life, give man intelligence and life? Man has always had his own perception of how life was created. Creation is a very exciting thing, and it requires intelligence. It can even express the character of the one behind the creation. Look at the creations around you, they are very magnificent and they have their own purpose. The stars and the moon show us light at night, and the sun warms us during the day. This could not happen by chance like most scientists and atheist beliefs. Created things must have a source of intelligence behind them before they can be created.

There are many things that you can feel that you can not see.

But inside of the beautiful things that you can see, God is always present and that’s who you feel. He is invisible to the human eye, but he is always visible through our feelings.

We all can be influenced by society and what we see, but are those influences and what we see the truth? The feelings that we have for anything, come from the inside of our hearts and minds. This is what makes up our inner man and determines whether we believe o not. What do you feel when you see the sun rising early in the morning or while you listen to the birds make sweet harmony together? If you would allow yourself a quiet moment, you could feel the presence of God. Every time you in contact with the creations around you God is present. There really is a true and living God; although he is not visible you can feel him through his creations. When you see a baby that is born premature, and the family of that baby starts praying to an invisible God, you can feel that someone is really listening and cares. God’s presence is everywhere, and for those of us who are believers; we can see and feel him through others who are praying.

The bible says, a fool has said in his heart there is no God.

They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good ( psalms 14: 1 ). Those people who doubt the existence of God are not looking at the world with an open mind. If they take a close look they will know that God does exist. Of course, there is no way to see God with your natural eyes. The bible says, no man has ever seen God. No man hath seen God at any time; the only begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the father, he hath declared him ( Saint John 1: 18 ).

God is only visible to those who haven’t accepted him. Visible is when you can see something with your natural eyes, on the other hand, invisible is something you can not see because it does not really exist. When we accept God into our lives, we begin to see things with our spiritual eyes and then he becomes real to us. The bible says he is an invisible God. Who is the image of the invisible, the firstborn of every creature ( Colossians 1: 15 ). God really does exist and he is truly visible on the inside of your heart. Most importantly, he is always there when we need him. Even when you present the truth, some people will never accept it. Some scientists and atheists may continue to believe that God does not exist, but there really is a true and living God and he’s visible to those who believe.

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