The Rights and Wrongs of Atheism


There evidently are different beliefs within the atheistic culture. Atheists may not believe in a God or gods as ordinarily defined. However, any intelligent person would have to consider certain questions. Among these would be:

What is my purpose in being alive?

How did all of creation come into existence? With this question would come the secondary question: Is there life for me after my existence on Earth?

There would be very limited freedom in atheism as their beliefs dictate that they do not have an open mind to accepting other concepts. Therefore, a belief in atheism is like being a prison of narrow-mindedness.

We are living in a world with many forms of life. It is a simple fact that one, as an individual, is dependent on other factors to exist. Therefore, anyone – atheist or otherwise – has a responsibility as well as the freedom to choose to respect the rights of others.

Violating other people’s rights means that you have no regard for yourself

This type of behavior would cause havoc in one’s life and society as a whole.

There are laws that civilized societies have set forth to foster people living together in peace, harmony, and happiness. We are not living in a perfect world. There are also many unjust laws that deprive people of what should be their inalienable and true rights.

Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion has been proven to be scientifically true: “To every action (force), there is an equal and opposite reaction (force).” It is very logical that this law would apply to moral and ethical forces and the Universe as a whole.

We should treat others as we would want to be treated.

In other words, if we are kind to other people, we are kind to ourselves. The “opposite” in the law is that kindness goes to another person and comes back to ourselves.

The real criteria is to find, know and practice truth and respect for others. In this endeavor, the atheist has a right to believe there is no God or gods.

An intelligent, logical person should have an open mind to seek after truth – no matter where it might come from. This same person should also have the right to reject something that has no foundation in truth.

This is a factor that causes a clash between atheists, religious beliefs and people seeking the truth. It is a foregone conclusion that the beliefs of one religion are, in many cases, contradictory to the beliefs of other religions. In the pursuit of truth, one or both may have elements of truth and elements of lies.

Our concept of reason is based on the true meaning of words.

In most cases, the dictionary goes back to the etymology (root meaning) of words and has many witnesses that the meaning is true.

Faith: Dictionary meaning: Unquestioning belief that does not require proof or evidence.

Faith – in religious use – is one of the evilest words in the language. It involves acting on something that has no basis in fact and is the same as lying.

People of various religions believe that the accounts of creation, the development, and the history of mankind given in their various religious books are accurate. They insist that the text of their religious books are inerrant – having been spoken by God to their prophet.

Most people want to believe their religious teachings from the fear of death – with the threat of hell for those who do not believe and the promise of heaven for those who believe. But, it is believing a lie.

People that are in religious organizations have social and peer pressure to believe what their religion teaches – regardless of any evidence of truth. Being in a religious organization is like being in prison. It does not give you the freedom to search for truth. The same applies to atheists – as clinging to their atheistic beliefs deprives them of searching for the truth.

As I studied the Bible and other religious books, there were hundreds of contradictions. The texts of these books could not be inerrant.

The law of the Universe is to respect and honor the rights of others. This means that those people who dishonor the rights of others must be punished by society to prevent crimes against society. The ultimate goal of every person’s life should be to seek diligently for truth.

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