These are Some of the Reasons I became an Atheist


Atheism is usually something one arrives at after considerable research and thought. Many of us are brought up in households that have a religious basis or even by parents with a strong religious conviction. As children we absorb the atmosphere and the beliefs which go with it, accepting that our parents know.

As we grow up and look around we see people paying lip service to a religion, but behaving contrary to the proclaimed best practice. Children begin to think, but the indoctrination is powerful and superstition says it is risky to challenge the status quo. At the same time, we see other people making great efforts to abide by their religious teaching. There are mixed messages here as well as a demonstration of the frailty of humanity.

When you begin to search for the facts about any religion, history demonstrates the additions that humans have included to what is purported to be the word of god. The Nicene Creed is an example and is worth investigating. In the 19th Century, popes were declared to be infallible. The full veil of Moslem women is apparently not in the Koran, nor is it a religious act of faith. Over the centuries man-made extras have been tacked onto the basic formula. This challenges any observer. Where does the truth lie?

Religious texts are often taken at face value.

Here the problem is whether the material being read is the original language or a translation. Translations invariably miss something and it is notoriously easy to misinterpret the subtleties of another tongue.

It is also necessary to know what was going on politically when these texts were written because allusions are made to events that might not be recorded elsewhere for checking and they can distort the translation. Many religious texts are offered as parables, illustrations or metaphors to aid the believer. Unfortunately, this concept becomes lost and they are taken literally.

The sad thing about the antagonism that so many religions have for others is that they all seem to be saying the same thing. That is, the most important thing is to love others, be peaceful and live in harmony with your family and neighbors. At the same time, these believers are prepared to kill and main those who do not follow their faith. Looked at objectively what are these people offering?

Some of us are unable to accept that we must believe what we are told, blindly and unthinkingly.

We prefer to look at the evidence and are left with nothing concrete. We are not being true to ourselves and where ever we came from if we take for granted someone else’s word. That denies our experience because we are having something imposed on us.

These are some of the reasons I became an atheist.

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