Totemism and its use in Shamanistic Religions around the World


Shadow totems are the animals we have unexplained fears of – those animals have life lessons to teach us which we are avoiding; until those lessons are learned we will always fear that animal… when the lesson has been learned, however, you will notice the fear of the animal (the teacher) has somewhat waned.

Next are the power totems meanings; Out of the 9 totems everyone has there are only 2 Power totems – but one is the major power totem and the other is classed as the one that does bits and bobs which are not so minor… the other 7 however, have small aspects of our lives which we cannot avoid and you will know when certain events are about to take place if you thoroughly concentrate on the totems you know you have.

The main power totem tells you what your own personality is like; Because you take on the abilities and personalities of that totem, which you didn’t know you have. If you are lucky enough to know an extremely adept shaman who understands you thoroughly as a person you may be lucky enough to be told what your power totem is, but usually, you have to do what the shamans call a spiritual journey, to find out what creature on this planet you are mostly connected to.

REMEMBER: The animal chooses you, not you choose the animal.

What animal in this world maybe your favorite must not be considered your totem animals, because you would have analyzed yourself falsely.

The animals which could be your 9 totems are the animals that always seem to follow you, grab your attention or call you to go with them somewhere; some of these animals seem to have a telepathic connection with you. Sometimes you may hear voices in your head when around those 9 animals.

Whilst journeying, you must look, listen and learn about all the animals around you, whether they be bird, fish, insect or mammals, even reptiles.

When journeying you have to consider what it is like to be like that animal, think about what it may eat, and how it lives and communicates with other animals even their own kind. What sort of things may it enjoy doing, what is its attitude to life and also what can i learn about this creature?

Does this creature seem to call me to know them?

Does it seem to talk to me subconsciously or with their eyes?

Does it warn me about what is going to happen next when I listen to the voice deep within my soul?

When it is doing a certain task you are watching it doing for itself, is there a hidden meaning behind it for you?

Look at all the past and present of your life

You must look at all the past and present of your life when looking at this creature and base it upon something if you feel a strong connection deep within your soul. Then and only then can the creature subconsciously enter your mind and give you messages or warnings of the future to come.

Apparently, my head totem animal is the raven… below is a list of my personality as a witch and a person… which is very true about me… what you read below is me through and through!

Raven people have the medical power of the prophet
Who declares the message of the Great Spirit or God
Very ecologically minded and can trick you into learning things you may have been reticent to look into
The state of balance determines how far they can soar
State of balance more crucial to raven people than any other totem
Are comfortable in both realms of earth and sky
Can see any viewpoint, both good and bad
Are intelligent people, able to see many views
Are group-oriented and are very loyal to any cooperative group
Are territorial and will defend their own groups; loyal

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