Types of shadow creatures


For many paranormal investigators and ghost hunters, shadow creatures are considered demonic. However, some paranormal investigators aren’t so quick to classify every shadow creature as being of a demonic nature. Are some shadow creatures demonic? Absolutely. However, to say they are all demonic is like saying because the grass is green all things green must be grass.


Shadow figures are black masses in the shape of humanoid figures. Some of these can be thick black where no light can pass through. Some shadow figures are less dense and some light passes through. Because these shadow figures vary, they can be classified into three classes.

Class A – These are dark shadow figures. They are distinct and their humanoid shape is obvious. With these shadow figures, no light passes through. Most cases of Class A shadow figures are bold and want to be seen. If they walk in front of a light source they are capable of blocking that light as they pass by. Some will rush right upon you; others will only stay in peripheral vision but are unmistakable. Some are camera shy, others want to be photographed.

Class B – These shadow figures allow some light to pass through. They can also cause fluctuation in light when passing in front of the light source. One theory is they don’t have enough energy to manipulate to manifest fully. This class of shadow figures isn’t always shy either. Just like Class A, they can be seen head-on or in peripheral vision.

Class C – This class allows a lot of light to pass through. Generally, they don’t affect a light source if they walk by it. Oftentimes they are overlooked because they blend in so well with the environment. This type also leaves you wondering if you really saw it at all. Class C shadow figures appear to be the weaker of all the classes.

Although some shadow figures could be demonic, this may not always be true. They could just be the way a trapped or lost soul may be making its presence known. Some shadow figures have bad or malicious intent; others may just be trying to make contact.


If any shadow creature would be considered demonic in nature, it would have to be the creepers. Although the jury is still out on its demonic nature because it could just be a tormented soul. Even the most seasoned paranormal investigators are “creeped” out by these creatures. Creepers are the shadow creatures that crawl along the floor, the walls, and the ceiling. Some move eerily fast and others very slow. Some even skip, meaning appearing, disappearing, and reappearing closer.

The size and shape vary. Some are large and some small. Some have human-like appearances and some look more like blobs with arms and legs. Regardless, these shadow creatures have sent some paranormal investigators and ghost hunters running and screaming in fear.


Blobs are shadow creatures that are simply dark masses. They have no actual form. Often they move slower than other shadow creatures if they move at all. Some theories behind these blob shadow creatures include the thought that it is an entity, human or demonic, that is trying to manifest. Even blobs follow the same basic guideline when classifying them further into Class A, Class B, and Class C.


Many paranormal investigators, ghost hunters, and paranormal enthusiasts are familiar with the white mists. However, there are other mists that are more of a dark smoky color. These mist-like shadow creatures allow light to pass through and have no real form. They appear free-floating to moving with purpose. Some are thicker than others.

Shadow casters

Some shadow creatures are just entities that cast a shadow. In some cases, the entity cannot be seen but its shadow can. These are rare. Some overzealous ghost hunters and paranormal investigators jump to calling this phenomenon as paranormal when it may be their own shadow. Even still, if a bug even the size of moth passes in front of a light source, it can cast an eerie shadow. Shadow casters are hard to be used as definitive proof of the paranormal because of this. However, these paranormal phenomena do occur from time to time. Many times it has a humanoid shape. Other times it is more like a blob.

As with most paranormal occurrences, these are just observational classifications used in conjunction with experiences in the field. These classifications were organized and are used by the Grigori Research Institute of Parapsychology Paranormal Division. Other paranormal groups may have their own classifications when it comes to shadow figures. After all, in the paranormal field, everything is theoretical.


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