Understanding Agnostic Views


Who knows which religion is the correct path to follow or if any single one is right to follow?

It would make more sense to study each one and determine for yourself which one makes the most sense in your life. It is possible that they all could be wrong.

religionIt is possible that they all could be right. It certainly doesn’t cause any harm to at least try to comprehend a view of what God is and what is expected of us.

Millions of people believe in various religions – Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, Buddism, Taoism, etc. Every major religion claims to be the “true” religion, the only religion to follow if living in the afterlife is to be achieved. Who is to say if a single religion is right, if they are all right, or none of them are right? Should we be judging each other’s religious views as right or wrong all the while not knowing if our own beliefs are right or wrong?

Each religion has many inconsistencies.

People often spend a good part of their lives trying to figure out what belief systems are out there. So much time is wasted figuring out what is the right religion. People should simply ask themselves what makes sense to them. Religion is a personal choice, a personal decision about our own personal view of God. Each of us can add a new meaning of God to the existing set of beliefs.

People tend to follow religion blindly and without question, because it makes them feel better.

They pursue with blind faith and do not question the belief system. All religion is based on some event in the past and someone chose at that moment to begin keeping a record of it. Over time, stories change, stories are edited or eliminated, etc. How can one know if the religion they are following is “true” or how many times it has been changed? How can one follow the truth is it is no longer the truth? Just having faith does not mean having knowledge. Having a belief is not proof enough.

People who are agnostic are more often than not put in the same category as atheists. Atheists believe there is no God, that there is no supreme powerful universal being. I believe in a higher power. I believe there is a place where lost souls wander. I believe there is a place where all is good, perhaps not entirely perfect, but very wonderful indeed. I believe in things like angels and devils. My beliefs are strong yet I am open-minded to other ideas and interpretations. Closed minds lead to ignorant people. I don’t want to be so closed-minded that I miss out on my chance in Heaven.

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