Virgo Celebrity Cocktail: The Choupetterita

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Happy Birthday, Virgo… So who’s a Virgo? A lot of fashion designers! After all, this is a sign of perfection. And as we all know, the most stylish among always appear perfect. But perfection does not relax. Actually, Virgo doesn’t much either. It was Gucci’s Virgo, Tom Ford, that claimed he was his own muse. For Chanel’s Virgo, Karl Lagerfeld, perfection is embodied in his cat.


Her name is Choupette, Princess Choupette or Miss Choupette. She’s snow white with touches of caramel around the eyes, ears and on her endless boa-like feather tail. She doesn’t like to eat on the floor, so I have to put the food on the table. Her dishes are by Goyard. She has one for water, one for her little croquette, and one for her pate. Everything is done with the eyes. She knows exactly what she wants.– Stated Lagerfeld

Virgos may occasionally get a rep of being cold, distant, hard to catch, and aloof. I once heard someone say they’re a “friend to all, but friends with none.” Known for his bitter one-liners, Lagerfeld might just fit into this category. But thank god for pets, because I’m happy to report that one is melting his double C logo heart as we speak… Purrrr.

Lagerfeld has fallen head over heels with a very special lady friend: Choupette. The cat. The man has gone completely overboard. Pussy Galore. Obsessed. Just like any real Virgo would be, if they were to fall in love. He admits it himself: “I never thought that I’d fall in love like this… but I would marry my cat if I could.”

Here’s how whipped hypercritical Karl the “other” Kaiser is (me being the first Kaiser). He’s hired two maids to attend solely to Choupette’s needs, and record a diary of her daily activities. She gets groomed twice a day and has appeared in 3 fashion mags in addition to starring in her own video. Her soft white fur is the inspiration behind a Chanel collection. As she’s got her own Facebook and twitter account, of course, she has an iPad too.

And in honor of their love, let’s have ourselves a Cocktail: The Choupetterita. This concoction stars the Fennel plant, with leaves as feathery as Choupette’s tail. Based on Medieval Herbal Astrology, plants with delicate, wispy, thin, feathery foliage are ruled by Mercury. As Mercury rules Virgo, fennel may be considered a Virgo. Paws up!
rooster cocktail


Muddle a sprig of fennel with ¾ oz light agave and add:

  • 1 oz white tequila
  • 1/2 oz Crema de Mezcal
  • ½ oz triple sec
  • ½ oz fresh squeezed lime juice

Prep: Shake with ice and serve up or over ice. Be sure to double strain this one with a fine sieve the second time around.

Ever wanted to have a Zodiac Cocktail Party? Sip your way through the signs of the Zodiac with a handcrafted Cocktail for each Star Sign.

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