What was the cause of Atheism


An atheist either believes there is no God or gods at all or is convinced that the thousands of different belief structures have got it all wrong.

I think that one of the main causes of turning people towards atheism is confusion. An atheist couldn’t comprehend why if there were a superior being or God controlling everything that there could be so much wrong with the world.

How could atheism come about in a person?

Atheism could come about in a person who is unhappy with the particular belief system that he or she was brought up in; they may just give up looking for answers.

Atheism may also come about by a long search through many of the belief systems of the world and the person gives up because they were unable to find satisfactory answers to their questions.

Or perhaps the person was born into a family of atheists and they remain in that belief system for the rest of their life.

Either way, the atheist still remains at a crossroads of belief, surely the world itself bears witness to a magnificent Creator and not a random sequence of events that changed everything into existence. The logic inside us all tells us that we cannot get something from anything; things do not simply appear and come into existence by themselves.

But logic sometimes isn’t enough. A person needs evidence to satisfy their minds.

An atheist may ask God to appear to them to prove that he exists.
But if an atheist could do that, the atheist would be God.

At 19 I was very confused and seeking answers.

Christianity was turning me towards atheism because I had many questions and it had no satisfactory answers.

I finally left Christianity and built my own set of beliefs.
I believed that there was a God.
That God wasn’t a man or a woman.
I believed that the Creator and creation were two completely separate things.
And never could the Creator create himself so therefore he couldn’t enter the creation ever.

After searching the religions of the world I came across Islam and realized that Islam is the ONLY religion that the Creator is worshiped exclusively and the Creation is not worshiped at all.

This made complete sense to me then as it does now.

It was all so basic.

The confusion I had stemmed from those other religions that mystified everything and kept building ideas upon ideas when in reality it was all so simple.

The Creator created everything, so to the Creator I ask help and give thanks.

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