Why is Religion so Fascinating to the Atheist


It’s been said, more than once, that atheists use reason and that believers use faith. Is one better than the other? That, one would presume, is a matter of perspective.

Just as one shouldn’t generalize or stereotype a person of a particular religion, one should also be careful not to pigeon hole atheists. Not all atheists view the world the same way. Just as not all religions (or, for that matter, persons who share the same religion) share the same world view. That said, what are some considerations an atheist might have when researching or discovering various religions?

Some atheists are downright fascinated with religion. To this person’s mind, he can’t fathom how an intelligent person can blindly follow some dogmatic teachings, without any evidence to back it up. Using the old testament as an example, this atheist would cite Genesis, as a starting point.

Is God Not omniscient?

In chapter three of the very first book of the Bible, God is shown to either be a liar, or, at the very least, not omniscient. The whole original sin story is just so full of holes, this particular atheist would say. God tells Adam, don’t eat from this particular tree (the tree of knowledge of good and evil). The rest of Eden is yours, but don’t touch this tree, or you shall surely die.

(God’s words, per: Genesis). So, then God goes somewhere (where is never fully spoken of). At any rate, God goes away and returns, but Adam’s hiding. (How does one hide from God?) Then, when God finds him, he asks why are you hiding? Adam admits to God that he ate from the tree he wasn’t supposed to. So, God asks a question that he has to know the answer to (because he’s God), then punishes Adam for telling the truth. Then, instead of killing him (like he said: “you shall surely die”), he banishes him from Eden and makes pregnancy painful for Eve and all the rest. Now, the intelligent atheist would say, “…why would anyone believe this ridiculous story.” It’s just so full of self-contradiction, it’s not even funny.

Some atheists are so fascinated by religion

And, that is the crux of why (some) atheists are so fascinated by religion. In this example, the Bible was used. But, one can find any religious tome and find the same kinds of inconsistencies. To this atheist, the idea of religion is so fascinating because otherwise intelligent human beings openly disregard intellect for faith. And, that is a curiosity.

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