Why People become Shamans


A common, but very valid question that people might ask is, with all that a Shaman must go through and deal with, why would anyone pursue that sort of thing?

A Person Called for Shamanism

The simplest of all answers is that there is no choice. If a person is called to shamanism, they may not know why, they may not know where, they may not know how, but they will have no choice in the matter. If they do not follow the path, there will be emptiness or avoid. Finding the answer to the question may be the single greatest accomplishment of their lives, though they may not know it at the time.

Shamanic Path

Someone meant to follow the shamanic path may have many “symptoms”, if you will. This sort of person will often find themselves unaccountably sad or anxious. They may switch moods very quickly, from a good mood to a bad one. They may have a hard time sleeping. They may have dreams of extraordinary things that they feel can’t possibly be true. They may have an intense desire to learn all they can about their ancestors.

They may be strongly drawn to certain places or things. They may feel a certain affinity toward animals. They may find that they have unusual healing abilities. They may seem to have intuitions than they shouldn’t have. They may find great empathy in themselves, and the ability to relate at a deep level with people far different than themselves. The more of these things that a person feels, the greater the likelihood that they are meant for the shamanic path.

The path of a Shaman IS grueling.

It requires a great amount of determination, strength, and drive. But it is not without its benefits. As I mentioned in another article, a Shaman is given that title by his/her peers. So being deemed a Shaman is a showing of confidence, by those people we care about the most. Is it hard? Yes. Is it totally worthwhile? Again, the answer is yes. For a Shaman, helping someone or something else to get a step closer to their potential or full health is a great joy that can never be fully explained to someone who has not had these feelings. But this is the essence of shamanism and what makes a Shaman a Shaman.

Shamans are here for a purpose

Whatever the reason, Shamans are here for a purpose, and the effort they put forth should be appreciated. It is a hard way of life, but it is also vital to being able to move forward. And for those that are called to Shamanism, they will never be fully happy until such time as they have accepted their role in the universe. Do not be afraid…instead, embrace the challenge to learn that which you may or may not have even considered. Better sooner than later, after all, you have no choice at all.

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