Why People should consider an Agnostic Approach


This world is full of extremes and moderates. Most of us are only defined by the beliefs we have, and we are often prosecuted for them. Thus, it should not come as such a huge surprise that most people don’t find ‘Truth’ in their lives. Even then truth is such a fickle thing. The difference between ‘Truth’ and ‘Knowledge’ has become so blurred that it is nearly impossible to tell whether or not what you ‘know’ is ‘true’. Who can dictate what is true or not? At the most only thirty three percent of the entire world’s human population is Christian. They face a one in three chance of being right. There are so many religious and spiritual groups that it becomes nearly impossible to find one with all the right cards and to disprove the rest.

Agnosticism is Growing

Too many debates and fights arise, simply because of a disagreement between people. Many people have seen this senseless fighting, and choose to remove themselves from it, only to find they are persecuted as nonbelievers or blasphemers.

Through the urgings of so many others and their ‘virtuous’ beliefs, we come to view ourselves and the world with a level of doubt – so much so that it changes our entire outlook on life and the things around us, and we find it to be enlightening. They can yell, and we will just smile – we are happy, because we do not know what they know.

Agnostic Approach to Life

Too many people are wrapped up in their ‘truth’ and fighting the good fight. It really is painful to see people who have so much to give, brought to ruin because they were swept away by war, or by the guilt their religion dictates them to have.

If doubt weighed heavier on the minds of the masses, they would come to a higher level of understanding. By doubting one’s own belief, the world grows closer together, simply because they have stopped fighting long enough to listen to one another. If we stop long enough to realize that what we know may not be true, we can then consider what others have to say.

Forsake any foolish pride

If we come to accept that we may not be right, we forsake any foolish pride, and wise up to the fact that we really are not alone in a world of the just and the blasphemers, that we are all simply huddled together, afraid of our own power. If we can unify the world with self-doubt, we remove self-righteous behavior, and we can stop hating people, and begin to accept people.

I must say that I am the happiest man on the planet right now. I have a secret that I am waiting for the rest of the world to hear. I live with chaos around me, but peace in my own mind. If anyone is willing to listen, this is my secret…

“I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.” – Socrates.

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