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What advice can I offer to a new solitary practitioner?

Well, the most basic thing to remember is that you should never under any circumstances practice magic just for the sake of being able to fool around with spells. Wicca is not a game in any way, shape, or form. If you are a practitioner then you are to take it seriously at all times. You are not to work Wicca or magic simply to ‘dabble’ in it. I do not believe there is such a thing as dabbling in magic or Wicca. You are either fully in it or you need to avoid it because chances are if you are not trained to handle it, or training to handle it, you will cause a big mess that someone wiser will have to help you clean up before you get hurt.

Another good thing would be to remember that no matter how much you learn there is always going to be something else out there to gain knowledge from. I believe that no one practitioner knows everything there is to know. You will always be a student, that is my opinion.

Study and Practice

As a solitary practitioner, I would suggest maybe making an outline of where you want to start and where you wish to go with your study and practice. If you want to focus more on fortune-telling then you need to map out all the ways that looking to the future and past can be done, such as; tarot, oracle cards, crystal balls, palm reading, and various techniques that involve the use of water. Those are just a few off the top of my head. My point is though that you must realize that any area of study branches off into dozens of layers.

Carefulness in Your Activities

If you wish to be a solitary practitioner you must also remember that this means that you are all alone in what you do. Sometimes this does not really sink in till a person is too deep and in trouble. So, above all, as a practitioner, you must be careful in your activities. Be sure you are very well studied before you attempt anything. I realize this might sound boring to some, but it is the safest thing to do. For others, the study can be very enjoyable.

Respect for the Techniques, Magic and Charms

Also, as a practitioner, you should always at all times be respectful of the techniques, magic, and charms you are using. Be thankful for diety or whatever you believe in and be wary of dark magics or negative auras at all times. Remember, just because you are well studied or well-practiced does not mean something cannot go wrong. Seek advice from anyone more knowledgeable than you if you have any questions you cannot find an answer for on your own.

This is all very basic advice for solitary practitioners that I have offered with the best intentions. I myself am still a new Wiccan, about two years into my own studies, and can only offer that you should always be careful of what you wish for.



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