Wolf Animal Spirit and what a Wolf Animal Totem Means


Totem animals are animal spirits that are believed to guide people on their path through life. An animal spirit guide might remain with a person from birth onwards or totem animals may visit at specific times in life depending on his or her needs at that time.

Totem Animals Visiting Dreams

Totem animals might visit us in dreams, through meditation or an intuitive attraction towards a certain animal. For instance, a woman might find herself drawn to buying a painting of a wolf without explaining why but just feeling a strong admiration or appreciation of the painting. This could be her animal spirit working with her.

Each animal spirit or totem animal has its own energy and symbolism. If your totem animal is a Wolf what might this mean?

Think of the characteristics of your animal spirit.

Wolves live in packs and are extremely loyal to their families despite always retaining a degree of individually. Despite the fairytale image of wolves being ‘bad’ and vicious, wolves aren’t actually aggressive animals.

They will growl or look ‘menacing’ in order to warn but they prefer to avoid aggression.

The wolf spirit is believed to be a teaching spirit, appearing at times when people are in need of guidance. They are symbolic of acceptance of responsibilities while maintaining a spirit of individuality. As the wolf teaches and guides, those who have a wolf totem are likely to go on in life to teach others.

Wolves are good at communication.

They will use body signals, vocal language, and eye contact in order to get their message across. They will vocalize through barking, growling, whimpering, and barking. They may for instance bark when something takes them by surprise or when their den is in danger.

Those with a wolf animal spirit guide will be eloquent and expressive in their methods of communication and may have a talent for writing as well as teaching. Wolves are strongly intuitive, having to rely on their instincts to protect themselves.

In fairy tales such as Little Red Riding Hood and the Three Little Pigs, the wolf is portrayed as being aggressive and unfriendly. Stories of werewolves have linked this animal with the supernatural but there are many who see past the more evil connotations of this beautiful animal, respecting the wolf’s loyalty to their pack, their playfulness, patience, excellent powers of communication and cooperation. Many choose Wolves as their totem animal and protective talisman.

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