Your own road to the meaning of life


Begin by acknowledging that there is much diversity in thoughts about the meaning of life and how to find it. All of the answers are based on speculation, beliefs and faith. There are very few facts, and even those can be construed to have different meanings. With all the possible options discovering the meaning of life is a solitary journey. After all is said and done, the choice for your meaning of life is personal.

It is amazing in this day of great technology, the internet has answers for everything. During the research, there was even a test that you could take to determine what your true meaning of life is. Unfortunately,  there were security issues with the site, so there was no information.

What Atheist Believe About God

Atheists believe there is no higher power, creator or God. They believe that there is no afterlife. Does this mean they have no direction or thoughts about a purposeful life? No, for many atheists it is just opposite. If this is all there is, you give it all you have got. There are no more opportunities or responsibilities beyond this life.

No God SignThen there all the views of different religions about the purpose of life. Many religions are based on the life of Jesus Christ. Even in the realm of Christianity, there are very different schools of thought about the purpose of life and the details. Was Christ the literal son of God or God in human form? How much of the bible is literal? Is there a Creator who can sort it all out? Does your personal meaning of life fit into this basket? Holy wars are fought over just such issues.

Your mission on Earth

Some people believe they have some mission to fulfill on earth. They have a passion and a talent and it is to be used for a purpose. The meaning of their life is clear to them and maybe only them. That becomes their focus.

While these are among the most common beliefs, there are many more. There are those who believe the mean of life is to conduct research and send information to aliens that put mankind on the planet. There are people who believe they are here to change the race of the world. there are those who think there were sent here to sing. So what is the answer?

Anyone is right or wrong

The truth is there is no proof that anyone is right or wrong. It is based on thoughts, conjectures, and beliefs. Until the end of life there are no definitive answers and then it is only known to the one who either dies and simply does not exist or is greeted by someone or thing who can explain it all.

It is time to examine your heart, your beliefs, and your feelings and determine what your personal meaning of life is. Until that is done, you are living someone else’s purpose. It is okay to agree and have the same purpose, and yet it is important to have the feeling for yourself. If you are going to dedicate your life meaning to something, it should be something you believe in and care about.

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