Islam the Religion for all of Mankind

Religion is a personal choice for individuals and to suggest that one universal system of faith is right for the entire human race is pure folly; more so when religion is a state-sponsored ideology. By definition, faith is belief without proof yet it is a fact that with few exceptions Islamic countries enact laws to … Read more

What it means to be a Muslim and how a Muslim feels

The word “Muslim” linguistically means “the person who enters into peace” or “the one who submits.” Anyone who enters the foray of Islam by pronouncing the “shahadah”: the testimony that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah – the one and only God – and that Muhammad is Allah’s slave and His (last) … Read more

Relationship with God and Islam

I was watering the plants this morning (droopy plants…the weather has been scorching here), and while performing this task, I was reminded of something that was taught by my mother regarding our faith, which became a cornerstone for my daily practice. It’s the concept of the dual relationship. For me, as a Muslim, I have … Read more