10 Sources of Inspiration for Atheists


Atheists are no different than anyone else with the sole exception that they don’t believe in God or any form of higher being. With that in mind they have to draw inspiration from other sources than religion, holy texts or a unique relationship with God. The following are just a few of the ways atheists find inspiration.


Just as for those who believe in an organized religion family is a huge support and source of comfort for those who don’t. They nurture us, they guide as and they’re always there when things go wrong. They’re there to hold us when we need it and to push us when we needed it too.


Whether it’s a sunset, a walk in the forest or a sun-kissed beach Mother Nature can be a source of both inspiration and awe. The majesty of nature can have a powerful effect upon us.


Like nature experiencing art can be uplifting and joyous. From Picasso to Coldplay art provides meaning and perspective.


Regular exercise pumps us up and keeps us healthy, encompassing everything from weightlifting to martial arts to team sports. Exercise is good for the body, mind, and the soul.

Random Acts of Kindness

Helping others is a great feeling, not only are you brightening someone else’s day you are also brightening your own as well. The benefits of selflessness are well-documented and inspirational to all.

The simple pleasures

There aren’t many things that compare in life to the simple pleasures. Great food, a hot bath and love-making with a significant other are just some of the ways one can feel truly alive.


Hobbies are an important source of inspiration for both the old and the young. They keep the mind active and make us feel productive and provide a myriad of both educational and social opportunities.


In addition to experiencing art it can be just as meaningful to create art. Creating something (not just art it could be furniture or jewellery) is extremely satisfying.


Having people to laugh with, cry with and even roll around in the mud with is essential to finding one’s motivation in life. Traveling down the path of life is much better when you have others to share the journey.


Few things inspire us as much as exploring a new land broadening one’s horizons can open both the heart and the mind. You never quite look at things in the same light after seeing another country and culture.

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