Dangerous Myths Reward after Death what a Reward



Where to begin if you are still alive? Yet, there’s no escaping the question of death. But dangerous myths: reward after death? That’s quite another story. All through history,the belief has not changed of a life after death. If Life, is a danger, then that’s a very dangerous myth. Every time we live, we are just a breath away from dying. To to be rewarded with another life is an electrifying thought here.

Millions, no matter how tragically they died, it seems cold to say we can’t change their history. Deaths, by ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, even millions. The dangerous myth of their reward of coming back to life again would be an absolute explosion of overpopulation. The earth would be rocking on it’s axis at the utter imbalance of an over crowded ship. The dangerous myth of this reward would mean more death. What a reward!.

Ancient Egyptians had the dangerous myth of their reward after death well catered for. As status, your slaves, concubines, wives and pets stood a good chance of joining you on your journey. That dangerous myth of you waking up from this transition, is, they would all be there for you! What if you didn’t want them, any more? Poor things: what went through their minds while waiting for your reward?

Suicide bombers are not a new thing, but have been around since aerial war-like fare. Rewarded by their dangerous myths, they took the enemy pilots down with them, into the flames of glory. Or dive bombed a ship where it was for both king and county. Their dangerous myth reward for being so fanatically brave.

Even today’s millennium of 2,000, the same mentality hasn’t changed since ‘die for the cause.’ Whether ramming your tank or having it blown up, is a great reward to have earned your stars, stripes, or medals to display. Treasured even after death. All the songs of praise for giving your life, when-ever, how-ever, is one of the highest awards after death amongst dangerous myths.

There are the various religious rewards: myths, of virgins all lined up and waiting for that hero of pure bravery, to work out his frustrated, misguided energies he didn’t have time to ‘live’ (if that’s called living,) while alive. Such dangerous myths which are not even found in their own holy books, but fired by more dangerous fuel, of misguidance.

The most dangerous myth of a reward after death, is everlasting life.

And the real danger of this reward, comes from the only giver of that Life. It’s so dangerous, that not to believe it, is your own loss, because it is actually possible. I reckon, if you’ve already been through hell on earth, this would be something to look forward to, as the promise comes with other rewards too.

A new body.

Wow! I could do with one of them. No illness. Now that would really be on my list as I write to Helium every time on my lap-top from my bed. No more sorrow. That’s something I have seen enough of. The list is rather and endless one, so I’ll take my chances on this dangerous myth reward after death. Why? I came back from the dead once. (Actually several times.)

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