Should Business People Get Scared with Mercury Retrograde?


We hear a lot of stories from various psychics and astrologers regarding the effect of Mercury retrograde. But through the years, there is still a great debate about the validity of this astrological period. Yes, it is a scientific fact that Mercury undergoes this “backward motion” and even so with other planets. Yet, there are still who claims that this likely phenomenal event can have a great impact to the planet Earth and its everyday affairs. From the industries to the systems of communication and to the fields of human endeavor, a lot of consequences have placed a literal scare on us every time the retrograde happens. But were all the researches about Mercury retrograde have genuine basis to believe in? This is really a thing that calls our attention and interest.

Despite the diversity of opinions and theories, there are noted personalities and reliable sources that strongly defend their part on the authenticity of this issue. In consensus, they argued that Mercury retrograde is certainly a myth, although it has been enshrined as a scientific phenomenon. Until now the clash of viewpoints is still hot about this
astrological event. Could astrology equate the grounds of astronomy in this concern? To what side should we support? Should the business world get terrified with the retrograde implications?

Establish necessary maintenance procedures

Firstly, if there are actually several effects of retrograde to the business organizations, it is not really a big deal. Any company or office can make necessary preparations to prevent the consequences affect the workplace. Since we are in the age of technology, there are back up systems that can help protect our files and documents whenever things
go wrong. Communications or transactions can be done prior to or after the retrograde period which happens every four months and three weeks every year. Necessary maintenance procedures can also be undertaken to secure our equipment and devices.

Is retrograde is just a state of the subconscious?

Second, if Mercury retrograde is universal then we can conclude that it actually affects our affairs. But a lot of accounts prove that their establishments were never disrupted or even disturbed. This is supported by the idea that retrograde is just a state of the subconscious mind and should not be blamed for loss of files, mix-ups or delays of communication. How many retrogrades have passed and it could be confirmed that those people who doesn’t have any idea about the phenomenon were not actually distressed even a little.

Lastly, we should stick to the explanations of science particularly astronomy. Planetary transits happen all the time. If this is the fact then we could have suffered by a tremendous breakdown or malfunction over the history. The stars impel, they do not compel. Intelligent astrologers said that a wise man must rule his stars and not obey them. We all have the will of life. It’s a natural thing get frustrations and get lessons from it. Delays happen to teach us persistence and patience. Miscommunications occur because we fail to speak with our hearts, computers crash because it’s normal that machines malfunction.

Planetary retrograde should not allow us to lose the will of governing our business, our personal purposes. If it is happens so, then who cares? We all have the control to steer the cycle of our lives and even rule the stars that exist above our heads.

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