Business and Job Tips for Mercury Retrograde


Mercury governs many of the crucial components of any business or enterprise. It includes computers, communication, transaction, sales and travel. So when the messenger planet turns retrograde, that is when it moves backwards, there will be more than apparent influence in your workplace.

You can anticipate miscommunications, computer crashes, missed appointments, delays and general confusion during this period of three-week phenomenon. But you don’t have to choose shop closure or go to a vacation if you are equipped with knowledge to deal with the retrograde effect. In fact, you can actually gain advantage during this phase.


Here are some steps that can help you minimize pressure and make most of retrograde Mercury

Don’t begin new projects. It is claimed that whatever you initiate during Mercury retrograde will turn out time- consuming and will not result as you expect at first. As a matter of fact, you may have to do it all over again, or ultimately come to a decision that is was never a feasible idea anyway. In case your manager insists on launching
something new—or if the description of your job requires it—move slowly, ensure the complete information and get ready to be resourceful in your approach.

Review, redo or finish up old projects. Business operations have the tendency to slow down during the retrograde Mercury which gives you the opportunity to catch up. A new approach can be applied to matters from the past now that you can visualize them from a fresh outlook. Getting clear of old concerns will aid you to move forward with new
initiatives once Mercury begins moving onward again. Create order to any disorganized situations by checking old files, cleaning your office desk and giving work to your paper shredder.

Commitments should be short-term

Don’t make critical decisions that may compromise you into upcoming commitments. When you make choices during the retrograde period, they are likely to be distorted or reversed. Assume that you do not have yet all the details you need, and that your mind is not running at normal alacrity. Commitments should be short-term, with integrated flexibility for the expected changes of the brain as the circumstance discloses.

Be extra-cautious. In all matters, it is important to move with clarity, accuracy and timelines. And because the potential for miscommunication is assertive in all business contracts or work-connected conversations, make sure to verify frequently that everyone is on the similar page. In case you are writing an important email or letter, or
publishing a bulletin or other publication, ask an associate to evaluate your work. Give yourself extra time to arrive at appointments—and be tolerant with latecomers who experienced unexpected holdups.


No big decisions should be made during mercury retrograde

Don’t establish a new career, job or business. It is improbable to result in fulfillment and success. Rather, it would be good to have enough time to explore your choices. If you are in a position to appoint new workers, don’t pass the time until Mercury is moving ahead again, or gamble to go through the hiring procedure twice.

Do research about prospective career changes or new opportunities for business. Consider retrograde Mercury a period of preparation. It is stage where you can revise your resume, collect information and discover what skills you will need to harness or obtain. You will be thankful you took the chance to perform your homework.

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