Mercury Retrograde: The Murphy’s Law of the Cosmos


Mercury retrograde is an astrological period when things can go wrong, thus proving the Murphy’s Law. When Mercury
turns retrograde, the conditions that the planet governs are changed and do not function as projected. So how it is
connected with Murphy’s Law? Let’s discuss these terms on separate perspectives before we relate their implications

“If things can go wrong, it will.”

Murphy’s Law is an adage or epigram that states “If things can go wrong, it will.” This popular statement was said to
have declared by Capt. Edward A. Murphy, an engineer who have spoken this word to his technician. But how does this
connect to retrograde Mercury?

A retrograde phase is best viewed as a cycle which initiates when the planet starts to move slower before traveling in
a backward motion through the zodiac and stops when the planet goes back to the position where it originally paused.
According to astrologers, the planet is at its maximum energy when the planet is in retrograde.

When Mercury is in retrograde thinking and communication is flawed

Mercury is the planet of rules thinking and communication. Thus, when Mercury is in retrograde, understanding can
be a little off in general. Astrological sites reveal that retrograde Mercury gives rise to personal mix-ups which involves
disrupted, flawed or delayed communications. It can also cause confusions on trade and negotiations, technological
glitches and breakdowns. And all of these troubles commonly occur because some essential piece of information,
or factor, has gone awry or astray. In short, the astronomical time literally suggests “things go wrong” which is the
description of Murphy’s Law.

Mercury retrograde is also a good segment for introspection

A lot of things can happen during Mercury retrograde. Since Mercury is the messenger of gods, and the planet who
governs travel and communication, the phenomenon can bring great impact to the actual affairs on Earth. For every four months and for three weeks, there will be a bad rap to the machines that we used. Computers, cars, printer, fax and the dental equipment tend to go a little screwy. Miscommunication is also a universal consequence of retrograde Mercury. There will be unexpected smoothness and difficulties in the future for those contracts that are signed at the outset of Mercury retrograde. Anticipate delays, heavy traffic, computer crashes, machinery malfunctions and typos.

On the bright side, planets that go retrograde pull our inward attention and to the past. Further, astrologers and
psychics said that it is a wonderful period to review or complete an old project. It is also a great time to clean out the
closet or contact an old friend. Mercury retrograde is also a good segment for introspection, reflection and dreaming.

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