Preparing for Mercury Retrograde


Sometimes, there are things that are unavoidable. They just happen unexpected. One particular phenomenon is the occurrence of Mercury retrograde. So what is this event that most of those who know it feel uneasy about its emergence?

Mercury retrograde is the most popularly known signature of astrology for Murphy’s Law. This is the law that states “If something can go wrong, it will”. Students who study intermediate astrology learn about this primary feature. If you happen to discuss it with a veteran astrologer then you are possibly to get a smile of interest plus delightful narratives about the unexpected surfacing of things.


Electronics will have clitches

Communication glitches, computers break down, traffic jams arise, telephone services hampers, letters get misplaced in the mail, machinery malfunctions, and new ventures fail. These are only some of the obvious pranks of Mercury as its trickster invades again. As a matter of fact, at least thrice a year for around three weeks each time the planet retrograde has his effect with us.

What is Mercury retrograde and what can we do to prepare for it?

Astrologers and planetary enthusiasts have constantly watched the night sky particularly the celestial bodies as they move through the zodiac. There is only one planet that can be seen before sunrise and after the sunset. That planet is Mercury, which travels most of the time in a forward direction.

If you have the interest to watch it carefully, the three or four times of backward motion can appear about three weeks. But actually there is no such thing as going backwards of Mercury. It is just an illusion to the eye according to the relative speed and the orbital perspective of Mercury and Earth around the Sun.

The perceptible backward movement of Mercury is called retrograde. This phenomenon has been identified and studied
for thousands of years in western astrology.

Communication will be effected in some degree

Generally, the impact of retrograde Mercury is frustration. Minimal stuff gets mix-up and a low-grade annoyance comes out. Anything that involves verbal activity, communications, journeys and immediate trips, technology, primary education and others can be affected.

While getting this basic information about Mercury retrograde, it is better to get ready. If you are updated for the next retrograde occurrence, you can embrace these simple tips.

If you got a car, check the electrical systems, oil, tires and fix any problems with transmissions. For computer maintenance, secure your files and data by backing it up and ensure that your “shields” are ready before the retrograde phase starts. Since Mercury retrograde is connected with power outages, make sure that you have purchased batteries
and for all electronic gadgets and tools. For communications, make priorities to check take care of those emails and letters you have been waiting to receive. Arrange everything now because you might lose them during the retrograde. Regarding contracts, deeds and leases, it is better to serve all these affairs when they are not settled or signed during
the phenomenon. Set up a system to organize and keep track of your important documents, papers, and credit cards. If you plan a trip or short travel, make advance arrangements to avoid confusion.

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