How to Survive Mercury Retrograde


When Mercury turns retrograde, it could bring a very terrible strike. You should know. Especially if you are a Virgo, the effect is quite profound. But throughout the years, a lot of people have adjusted and learned a simple way to endure in single piece, and find ways to use this likely annoying period in a productive manner.

When there is a direct movement of Mercury, there is a tendency that our minds work on a forward/functional level. Our deeds match our motives. Our energy is devoted in more aggressive making of decisions and action with less stress on reflection and retrospection.

However, we are persistently picking up on insensible discerning information, which will emerge- if we allow it- within the cycle of retrograde. And this is a very positive thing. We want time to respite and assimilate all the information we are flooded with our modern, multitasking planet. It’s a moment for our internal wisdom to show up and lead us to
rethink, reorganize, re-analyze, recreate, and reboot. This is an essential and healthy component of the natural stream of life.

Allow more time when in Mercury Retrograde

The time and money orientation that our society labels “the real world” consist of deadlines, schedules, and lists of tasks which do not frequently hold a series of thoughtful reflection and re-examination. That is the reason why this phase can be so atrocious for some of us- particularly those people who have determined strong objectives and agendas.

As the majority of us know, Mercury has a propensity to play disorder with the smooth performance of the technology upon which we rely on for our accomplishments and communication. It has also the tendency to muddle virtual communications and the best arranged plans of men or women. The upshots are interruptions, confusions, misinterpretations, and mix-ups which obstructs with the simplest of projects.

During the retrograde of Mercury, we must have more care, more vigilance, and initiative to accomplish the tasks. According to astrologers, this is not a desirable period to start or launch pioneering projects. In an attempt to do this, we will be symbolically setting out, like for instance when the tide is going out, and it will be more challenging to pursue with our plans. Thus, it is far fitting to hang around until the current is circulating with us.

The extent to which we hold onto our need to cope with our agendas, schedules, and plans frequently connects to the extent in which we discover ourselves going bonkers during this period. When we persistently hold on to our logical, coherent structures, we incite the “Trickster” aspect of Mercury, which will bamboozle and irritate us to an end.

How you handle life while in Mercury Retrograde shows how flexible in life we can be

This is the time that we have to give up our onward leaning thrust and hug the lessons of setting free. We should not undervalue the degree to which our mind can oppose change. The renunciation of our ego or will to a more profound function of awareness can be fairly a challenge as the cycle of retrograde continues. Yet, there is a superb reward if we
handle to do so.

This period is an ideal time to purify our minds. It is a great moment to revisit and realize unfinished businesses. It is a right time to settle those old controversies. Apart from these, it is also a perfect time to listen to our soul and connect with our unconscious thoughts and build dreams. If you haven’t reflected on your inner knowledge, then this is the time to open new methods of perceiving and thinking.

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