Mercury Retrograde Explained


You might be curious about this astrological phenomenon and somehow you need an explanation for this. Every time Mercury turns retrograde, there are certain events that might confuse a person especially when he or she doesn’t have any idea about it.

The nature of Mercury retrograde which happens to every retrograding planet is a little more complex than frequently discussed. For example, in Vedic astrology, a planet that turns retrograde is believed to be “strong”. It could be vague to define the word strong here; however we need to consider astronomically the occurrence so we will be enlightened as to what type of force a retrograde planet holds.

According to studies, the planet is on a retrograde when it is closer to our planet Earth compared to the time that it travels on its orbit. It is accurately the closest when the space longitude is either accurately identical as the Sun (for Venus and Mercury and planets within the orbit of Earth) or precisely opposite the Sun (for those planets that are found outside the orbit of Earth).

Mercury Looks like it may be going backwards

In order to get the whole thought about the visual phenomena of a retrospective planet, you must imagine that you are heading down the road at the speed of 70 mi/hr and you pass a vehicle that runs 60 mi/hr. From your position, in the car that moves faster, the slower-moving car seems to be moving toward the back. This is the actual situation that
happens at the time a planet turns retrograde. Actually, it doesn’t move backward as what you literally see. But based on the existing orbital reference around the Sun, it looks like moving backward from our orbital reference on the Earth. A retrograde that happens on Venus and Mercury and its combustion cycles can be plotted on a diagram.

If you try to imagine, you will find out that at the time the planets Mercury and Venus occupies the place between the Sun and the Earth, a retrograde happens because they are closest to the Earth. Further, a retrograde also occurs if the outer planets are found between the Earth and Sun,

Just like the illustration above, the retrograde of Venus and Mercury is represented by the car that is moving faster. It is also applicable with the outer planets. But in both cases, a retrograde takes place as the planets is found closer to planet Earth.

Be a better communicator during Mercury Retrograde

The above statements are explanations of astronomy. But the question is how does this phenomenon astrologically give impact on us? What are the energies being released when this affect our life?

Undoubtedly, a retrograde planet has the propensity to act impulsively. What is the reason behind this? This is due to the fact that our real world, the prevailing conditions of the body and mind and its connection to astrology is said to be advancing forward. On opposite, the planet that turns retrograde appears to be traveling backward. Therefore, in the outside world, the energy that comes from the retrograde planet becomes a root of confusion. We start to be uncertain about a thing outwardly. For example, with Mercury, we become hesitant of the right words to say and then doubt our abilities of communication. We turn out to be conscious of the things that seem unjust. We might jumble significant
details essential for moving forward. All of these don’t sound really good. So keep yourself ready to face the changes.

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