Mercury Retrograde in Virgo: A Liberating Ordeal


Most often, Mercury retrograde signifies a period of reflecting differently and of giving attention to the uncompleted business of your life, those past leftovers that you have left dangling or simply forgotten about due to your hectic schedules that got on the way. The role of Virgo in the zodiac is to act as a symbol of synthesis just like the statement separating the wheat from the chaff. Mercury governs Gemini, which is associated with the third house, which also relates to the aspects of transportation, siblings and neighbors, in addition to its general influence on speech and communications. Mercury also governs Virgo, the sign which is allied with the house number 6. This associates with your daily general health, the digestive function of the body, healing, working environment, pets, and the overall theory of service, which can be either on the worldly level (service performance), or doing a service for the greater good.


Perfect time to think about your nutrition and health

With Mercury RX in Virgo, it could be desirable to make decisions for your bad habits, particularly to your nutrition and health. This might include the factors of food, exercise and physical routines. At this period, astrologers or psychics said that it’s not an ideal time to go for some medical exams or surgical operations, because the test may lead to inconclusive verification, the medical equipment may break down, hospital crew or doctors may misread health records, wrong diagnoses may happen, or surgical jobs many need to be done again.


 Focus on Well-being

It also reminds you about the need of taking a look at your every day routines in all aspects, to find out what is not functioning well or efficiently anymore. When Mercury turns retrograde with Virgo, you’ll have a great time to settle those messes that have penetrated on any level. Breakdowns happen that in your schedules to call awareness to the reality that they don’t provide your needs anymore.  It is also a right time to make research, quest for facts and details essential for shaping your future—but stay focused in anticipation of the Mercury Retrograde to start anything of major substance in your life.


Great time for fresh outlook for your life

On the level of spirituality, you may take a careful look at your character or identity in giving service, reflecting the Virgo need for it. There is a spiritual value to stewardship and as you throw those normal routines that benefit you nothing, you’ll arrive at a point of eventually hearing a still small voice-the call to re-shape your psyche. That’s the time you will clean up those muddles and bring a new and fresh outlook for your life.

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