Mercury Retrograde in Aries: Exercising Practical Honesty


A great example about this Mercury retrograde was last year 2011 where the initial backward motion of the messenger planet timed on the first sign of the zodiac: Aries. It started on March 30 and ended on April 23. The energies that ruled in this retrograde motion were comingled by Mercury and Aries which foreshadowed a period where telling one’s truth took center stage and accuracy was lost. On the other side, it may possibly signify an opportunity to learn how to be honest and be diplomatic at the same time.

What is usually expected on Mercury retrograde in Aries? What particular aspects are being influenced in this astrological motion?


Mercury in Aries

Known as a fast thinker, Mercury in Aries governs the fast decision abilities communicating in a direct, critical, and often, truthful manner. In Aries, Mercury is passionate with a skill for not accepting “no” for a response and a capacity for analyzing problems in a simple and easy way. What enable him to take positive, confident action and make the right choices are those qualities that equip him. On the negative aspect, Mercury in Aries has also a reputation for being self-centered, conceited, quick-tempered, defensive, antagonistic, intolerant, impetuous, rash, and super aggressive. Simply put, Mercury can be a BIG mouth, in that sign. This is mostly because Mercury in Aries doesn’t want to make us of time in reflecting or thinking about details. Thus, they are hyped, in Mercury’s outlook.


The picture of Mercury in Aries can be likened to a well-known elephant in the china store. The more it tries hard as he could, there comes a moment when the elephant will knock down something. Same condition turns out with Mercury in Aries. He has the tendency to lay his mouth in his foot. Having no intention to hurt someone, or not out of meanness, but out of absolute unbridled zeal for its own ideas and the uncontainable need to disperse them far and away.

In gutsy, outspoken Aries, Mercury is the epitome of the advocate. It is for a valid reason, for those deprived of voice, for yourself. Its main purpose is to give you help in sharing your expression, your ideas, and to make your cause a winning act.


Mercury in Aries is About Communication

It is claimed that there is no conversation strategy for Mercury in Aries. This style does not apply the usual approach of faking politeness, biting the tongue, or generally holding back the feelings. However, the honesty and straightforwardness of Mercury in Aries brings him indescribable amount of problems since he is not one to mull over about the manner of receiving his words. So, he tousles a bunch of feathers.  Further, he creates imprudent reactions and scorching arguments. Otherwise stated, generally, he does not hold a technique for his conversation. Mercury in Aries sets out to relate and communicate with people that could disseminate his ideas, promotes his purpose, or converts his concepts into reality.

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