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For centuries, the word GOD has been chasing mankind. Nobody knows who coined this term first and nobody even knows if god was ever discovered or invented. Nobody has either seen him, and nobody knows of a person who has seen him in the past. But the fact is that god still remains an unproven entity regardless of what the theists or atheists say about it. The question which is more baffling is that while human beings use every luxury invented by science, why do they preach a religion which contradicts science in every regard?

It’s an undisputed fact that science defies every form of religion.

Then why should the so-called religious people use luxuries that are rendered by scientific inventions? Nobody bothers to ask, because we as human beings have become so used to live a hypocritical life, that we are happy to concede our common sense and reasoning. We are happy in a miserable life which is based on evil, betrayal, cheating, jealousy and every other negative trait in life that is possible.

The very reason our life is miserable is that we have decided to live a bad life and then to apologize for all our sins in front of the so-called god in a religious place. The main reason for doing that is to shift the blame on a fictitious entity that is responsible for all our actions. God is nothing but a medium for legitimizing all the evil we do as human beings. There’s no end to our hypocrisy because we enjoy all the luxuries that science has provided to us, we kill animals (which are supposedly created by god), we harm the environment for personal use, we burn gasoline, coal and fuel for our luxury and there’re so many other things we knowingly do to harm our planet and to harm all the living creatures including humans. And yet, we do not hesitate to contradict everything that we do by worshiping god and practicing religion. And no person practices any religion in an absolute manner. Religious practices are done partially and for the rest of other practices that are not performed, excuses and arguments are made. At most times, the argument is made that a particular custom is not practiced because it is either too old, or is no longer fit enough to be a custom in a modern world. If a custom becomes old, then according to the principles of religion, you still have to stick with it because religion defies evolution.

The whole argument of religion lies in denying evolution and sticking with rigid religious and social conventions.

What most people do not bother to check is that most religious customs have also evolved with time and have changed from time to time based on human comfort levels.

Evolution is so much a continuous process that one can merely feel it if all the religious and social biases are abandoned. Knowingly or unknowingly, everyone lives their life assuming the non-existence of god. If people were actually scared of god; crime rates would not have been increasing day by day, human relations would not have become short-term and fragile, and people would have been happier than ever.

The truth, however, is that none of that is actually seen these days. The number of children growing up with single parents is beyond imagination and the numbers are growing up each day. Very few businesses are scared to commit fraud and scam large amounts of money. The crime rate is increasing day by day. Almost every person knows that to worship an invisible man in the sky is nothing less than stupidity. But very few people are ready to admit and most would rather continue worshiping god to stay at par with the society. And leaving all the arguments aside, no person or religion or an institution has come up with evidence of god and neither has god himself come out in front of his own people. If he really exists, why would not he use his power to stop all the innocent killings? Why would not he eradicate hunger and poverty in this world? Why would he not stop the terrorists who kill innocent people?

Why wouldn’t he stop wars?

No creationist or theist has ever come up with an answer and nor has anyone bothered to care about these obviously arising questions. There’s so much money power that comes with religion that they would never want to let go of religious institutions. Even though religion is killing innocent lives and is creating problems in the lives of all kinds of people, they would not stop campaigning for it.

Most theists are hardcore capitalist people against socialism; while the entire concept of religion is based on socialism. Ideally, god would want his people to be equally happy and equipped with the basic necessities of life. And if anybody has more than others, then he would redistribute the income for those who do not have it. This is another big paradox of religion that preaches a kind of socialism but practices capitalism.

And all this is not just about one religion; it’s true for all religions. All religions are equally dubious and yet claim to have the absolute truth in their scriptures. If all the religions and faiths were true, we’d have had at least 10,000 gods by now. Which god should we consider as the absolute and most powerful out of all these gods? Are these gods going to fight? Are they going to have a debate to prove which one is the best?

The truth is that all religions are nothing but the creations of some greedy-interest people of ancient times.

And the fact that similar kind of greedy-interest people still exists, they will perpetuate the religion for their own good. Their main weapon is fear and power. They attack the existing fear in the human mind and give them a promise of heaven based on certain terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are no different from that of a credit card company. The end result is the same, ordinary people lose in both cases. In the latter, they lose only money. While in the former, they lose freedom and consciousness.

We have become slaves of those greedy people and religion. Can any reasonable person believe the stories mentioned in scriptures of any religion? It is so clear that all religions represent the barbaric mentality of the people of those times when religion was first introduced. Why should anyone live a good life based on the fear of religion? Why do we need the fear of god? And has the fear of god been able to force people to live a good life? The clear answer is no. The world is far more unsafe and cruel than what it was before.

Hatred and cruelty has a stranglehold on hearts of the people

This is because the world cannot be a better place on the foundations of fear. It can only be a better place on the foundations of love and fearlessness. Science has progressed based on skepticism and not based on blind faith. It’s another thing that all the religious priests live a life full of luxuries which is totally owed to science and to the scientists whom they curse and demonize.

If god created this world, the immediate question in the mind of a reasonable person should arise is that, who created the god? Did he always prevail? And if he always prevailed, why is he hiding? Why wouldn’t he save the people of the world? Where is hell and where is heaven? The truth is that religion has killed more lives and has rendered more people with poverty, while religious institutions have flourished and have always profited. Millions of people have died in wars based on religion and so many people who survived the war became homeless and poor, consequently.

We can only doubt and wonder about the questions related to existence and we might get close enough to find answers to those mysterious questions related to existence. We would never get the answers if we accept a blind faith that cannot even stand on its own feet. Skepticism is the only way forward and can bring love and peace in this world. There are millions of species in the world and the universe is an ever-expanding, infinite entity. These two things themselves are enough to disprove the ideas of religion which have been too conservative about existence and the universe.

The color of the human skin and the languages that we speak are nothing but a process of evolution combined with the geographical factors. The primitive man used to communicate in sign language and billions of years of evolution has led him to become a modern man equipped with a vast amount of know-how.

It can be digested when an illiterate person believes in barbaric scriptures and succumbs to those ideas. But it gets really absurd when a well-educated person defies the entire education process to believe in barbaric scriptures. What happened to common sense? Is it dead forever? If it’s still alive, what happened to the human reasoning power? Is there any difference left between humans and animals? It seems that animals are now smarter than human beings since they do not have a religion and god.

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