An Atheist Reflects on Modern Faith Movements what ever Happened to the


“The Enlightenment” is simply a mistake made by man to try to substitute god. They mostly did this in the seventies so that they would not feel guilty about having “free sex”, doing drugs, and killing each other. They HATED the fact that there was a god the governed there lives so that they could not do what they wanted under his absolute rule. One should NOT believe when they say that the enlightenment was peaceful. Without god, there can be no peace.

He really does seem to think the Enlightenment was invented in the Seventies, by Charlie Manson. Here, for the benefit of his education and our entertainment, it is a short history lesson.

When people talk about the Enlightenment, they are using it as shorthand for a philosophical trend that emerged in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. It emphasized rational inquiry above the word of the church and is associated with logical analysis, the scientific method and the Bill of Rights.

Famous Enlightenment

Famous Enlightenment thinkers are Voltaire, Rousseau and Thomas PaineThey emphasized the importance of separating Church from State, which is why that separation is written into the American Constitution. It often surprises me that the more patriotic good American Christians claim to be, the less they seem to understand the principles their own Constitution was written under.

Mr. Burage’s profile

I checked out Mr. Burage’s profile. Either he doesn’t understand how to add one, or he chooses to remain a man of mystery, for he gives us no clues. He has written many articles, most of them the witless God boy rants you might expect, but sometimes he likes to cover other subjects he knows little about. For some reason, he wrote one article offering baffled women of the world tips on breastfeeding. Done with the best of intentions, I’m sure, but still.

His average article seems to be about 37 words long. Maybe he has a lot of other commitments, and you have to admire his brevity. His spelling and grammar, while not exactly correct, are better than you might expect.

He’s not the nuttiest in the Religion & Spirituality category, and I might not be this unkind, but he has come into the Atheism section and littered it with the kind of charmless, uninformed homophobic bigoted rants his type seems to specialize in, so frankly he’s fair game for the rest of us. Think on, Mr. Burage, and next time you might want to check your facts in Wikipedia.


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