Think new to set goals for happiness


This is the era of information. You all have the power of information at the tip of your index finger. Finally, this is the time when this Quote “Impossible also says I M Possible” can be taken literally. It is very much like saying, “there is nothing which is impossible today.” In this era of Information and Technology, doing something impossible is not a big deal, but doing something ‘Unthinkable’ is. So think new.

There were few lucky people who were having small information about a few things and they cultivated that information into a passion and have created history; they created Apple, Microsoft, and those which are ruling your lives today. You will find your life would be completely different without the inventions and development those people had done. They were having a little Information, but they grab the chance with passion. They did this in the era when the information was hardly available. You all are in the era where information about anything is one click away. If they can do it in that hard time why can’t you do it with an abundance of information and technology that you have today? The only thing required is the passion to set higher goals and vision to create history and bring about remarkable changes in this world.

New possibilities around the world

How many Graduate engineers think about building or designing something new after their graduation? All of them running to grab a job, this is not only about Engineers it is about everyone in the society. This is not only about development in technology and science, but you should think about new possibilities around the world. There is a number of people sharing their spiritual knowledge with the world. You can explore it and can take it to new spiritual levels. You have ample amount of information required to build something new. There are hundreds of results on Google, even for how to cook something. This is the best time and you need to grab this chance.

Setting Goals Higher

Set your goals higher such that they will change the course of time. There is no better satisfaction than setting your goals high and achieving them. Even the process to chase your goals gives you internal happiness. There won’t be any changes in this world if you do the things no different than everyone is doing out there. It is the world of new possibilities. Magic happens in this real-world only.

Make yourself responsible for that magic to happen. You all need to Think New. You should break your traditional mentality. It’s actually the time when instead of going for what is traditional go for something new, it is a great time you can afford taking risks. Go get the information, think new make it your passion and then after years let the next generation write about how you did Think New and influencing their lives then.

Thinking New

The previous generation had to think differently, you have to Think New and next-generation probably will be building robots to think instead of them, so they won’t have to think, just a thought. Anything is possible. Love more, win more, achieve more, set and chase more goals in life. Make this world a bit better than it was.


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