Arguments from Christians to Atheists are Based on Fear


“Atheists shouldn’t even be considered people, this is one nation, under God”. This quote from George Bush really shows what America thinks of Atheists and our freedom of religion.

Let’s break down this quote. “Atheists shouldn’t even be considered people”. Of course, you know, Atheists, unlike most Christians, believe that there is no God or supreme being. Atheists don’t find pleasure in putting fear into believers, nor do they even commit acts to try to sway them from their faith. Now Christians, on the other hand, believe that fear plays a big part in the way they worship God. And by fearing him brings the individual Christian to be less superior to their supreme being.

Westboro Baptist Church, one Church out of many that believe they are the messengers of God himself. One of their main weapons of choice is putting fear into non-believers, homosexuals, and even other Christians are by protesting. They protest at U.S. soldiers funerals holding up signs that say: thank God for dead soldiers, thank God for IEDs, God hates fags. I myself along with three million other people wouldn’t even begin to consider these acts of violence and fear proper, or even humane. Even more sickening, they teach their children to hate all these things and how to spread their view of religion. And with that I leave you to decide should Atheists or Christians be considered people?

“This is one nation under God”.

If this is true shouldn’t the Bible be used in the way it was written, instead of just picking out all the good parts and putting the bad and brutal parts behind us? Now if this was during the days of Christ all these problems would have already of been solved. The Christians and the priests would begin by killing innocent children, women, and men for believing or even considering that there was no supreme being. Cities would be destroyed and burnt to the ground never to be rebuilt. Trials would be held asking all the individuals in an entire city if they believed in God. If the wrong answer was given they were sentenced to death or life in prison. Basically that’s twenty-five percent of America’s population. That’s over 6.5 million innocent people that would be brutally beaten to death. And all this death would in the name of God. An individual’s faith would decide if they were to live or die. (Faith- Belief not based on logical proof or material evidence.)

Religion is a Comfort Zone

So with that, I state my point. Once someone realizes that they have a mind of their own everything changes. That which has been taught to someone their whole life changes. Religion acts as a comfort zone. If people had no problems, and there were no problems elsewhere why would they seek God? An individual usually comes to God with a problem that needs to be fixed. Three million people agree that the actions most Christians commit in trying to make the world a better place are unlawful, devious, cowardly and violent. And those three million people agree that “Christians shouldn’t even be considered people, this is one nation under a blindfold”.

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