Atheism and Agnosticism which is more Logical – Agnosticism


We have not a safer way to interpret the results of some poll, because an atheist will vote “Atheism” and so an agnostic will vote for “Agnosticism“.

“Nothing” always looks logical, because you have not something to prove. To award proves to some notion logically goes to someone who is claiming that there is something or maybe something

If you don’t want to have a tension to prove your idea, just deny the fact in the shape of not to be and escape responsibility to prove your line. This is the same case with both theist and atheist. Former says that he believes in God without reasoning and also he does not want to prove himself because beliefs are not proved that are admitted. When you come to later, he has already selected such a phrase that needs not any proves. Ultimately both are in safe heavens to be said illogical.

Who is responsible to prove himself then?

Obviously the person who is to search reasons for his thesis, and that is agnostic no one else and logical are the people whose claims are based on reasoning not simply denying something.

Logic is the second name of reasoning.

So, someone who seeks reasons for something, he is more logical. Theists have not reason to prove their belief in Divinity and so are the Atheists who need not reasoning because their claim saves them from doing so.

A lot has been said about Atheists that how they live their life deciding that there is no one behind all this universe and they know well that there are a lot of things that demand proves in their daily life and they are to supply all to prove themselves, but when comes the point to prove Ultimate Reality (term used by Aristotle) they find themselves helpless and simply raise their hands to deny at all so that they may be safe to prove themselves.

It does not look good to paste logical to Atheists because the above lines prove that they have not any connection with this term. To decide about logical or illogical is fare only for Agnostics who get the help of reason and logic to satisfy them and the outer world.

Bertrand Russell says that if he finds after death that God is over there before him, he would complain to God for not planting enough proves of His presence in the universe.

Dante said, “The worst moment for an atheist is when he is really thankful to someone and has nobody to be thanked”

Agnostics are the people who paved the way for a better and satisfying religious life for the masses; however, they themselves did not pass satisfied life. It is an agnostic that searched realities behind beliefs. They are the leaders of all the time. Someone who can decide that beliefs are necessary he must be said logically instead of those who simply reject everything and are not able to prove that either they met God or not after their death.

Agnosticism is far logical than both Theism and Atheism.

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