Pagan or Wiccan


“An it harms none, does what ye will”, Coming from the Wiccan Rede. Wiccan Morality is largely based upon the Wiccan Rede. Usually interpreted as an act of freedom along with taking responsibility for one’s actions. Another Wiccan belief includes the Law of Threefold Return, which means whatever benevolent or malevolent actions one commits will return to that person with three times the force. Very similar to the eastern idea of Karma. Wiccans also seek eight virtues including, mirth, reverence, honor, humility, strength, beauty, power and compassion.

Five Classical Elements

Their beliefs are in the Five classical Elements, however, they are seen as symbolic as opposed to literal, unlike in ancient Greece. These five elements are called to appear during many magical rituals, notably when consecrating a magic circle. The elements include air, fire, water, earth, and Spirit. Spirit is the one uniting the other four. Each element has been associated with a cardinal point of the compass. Fire with south, the earth with north, water with the west , air with east, and spirit with the centre.

Worshiping a God and A goddess

For most Wiccans, their religion is duo theistic, worshipping both a God and A goddess. God is the Sun and the Goddess is the Moon. Traditionally the Wiccan God is viewed to be a Horned God, dealing in nature, wilderness, sexuality, and hunting. The Goddess has been portrayed as a Triple Goddess

with aspects of “maiden”, “Mother”, and “crone”, though she is also said be as a Moon Goddess. The Goddess is said to Contain and conceive all. The horned god is the inspiration within her as well as he is the spark of life. Both playing her Husband and sometimes her child.

What did Wiccans think of Afterlife?

Wiccans Believe in afterlives, most know the saying “once a witch always a witch” indicating that Wiccans are the reincarnation of earlier witches. It is typical, that Wiccans who believe in reincarnation also believe that prior to this the soul rests for a while in the “ecstasy of the Goddess”, also known as the otherworld. Many within this religion believe it is possible to contact spirits of the dead who are residing in the otherworld, this particularly being done on the sabbat of Samhain, though there are some who truly disagree with this practice, believing that that is dead and should be left in peace. Despite some belief in it, Wicca does not focus on the afterlife but focuses on the current one. Ronald Hutton, a historian, once said: ” the instinctual position of most pagan witches, therefore, seems to be that if one makes the most of the present life, in all respects, then the next life is more or less certainly going to benefit from the process, and so one may as well concentrate on the present”.


When it comes to magic, Wiccans believe that magic can be manipulated through the form of witchcraft or sorcery. Using spells during ritual practices within a sacred circle, witches attempt to bring about real changes. Using magic for healing, love, fertility or even just to banish negative influences in their lives.

Ultimately, the Wiccan religion is about love, believing in yourself and In all the elements of nature. Using your abilities to help others and improve their quality of life. In my opinion, it seems as though it would be a great way to live, a great faith to dedicate your life to.

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